All About Me Essay

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All About Me

My father always told me “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. ” I have always found this advice useful. My family, my academic interests, and my future goals shape the person I am today. My family consists of six members. My father, the one who shows me the right paths, my mother who cares for me and teaches me to be understanding and supporting. My brother, whom I always fight with like how a good friends does. My grandparents who always taught me what I’m supposed to do.

I learnt a lot of things because of my family, how should I behave in front of others, to be helpful and what I can do to improve my myself. Basically the things I should do at the right time. I really don’t know I would have done if had no family. Things would have been a lot different. My family has helped me to be what I am today. I like a lot of academic activities. My main interests are in technology and astronomy. I develop this interest by watching about it on television.

My interest in technology helps me know what technology is around me and how can I can use it in the area which interests me. World is changing. Healthcare has improved very much. The average life span has now increased to 80 – 90 Years and with growing research in medicine, very soon, people will live more than 100 Yrs. The ageing population will have lower productivity but will need to be fed. I believe agriculture in future will provide challenging opportunities. This challenge interests me very much.

My aim is to become a microbotic engineer. My aim is to help the farmers with better technology so that they can become more productive and grow more with less. I want to play a small part to help the world in area of agriculture. I want to make something that increases the productivity rate of a farmer with fewer amounts of water, area, land and minerals. With less cost of these, the farmer can produce more crops. I thought of making microbots that can be placed in the soil in the middle of 4 seeds.

These microbots should be able to detect the humidity and mineral content. If there are fewer amounts of water or minerals it can communicate with another robot wirelessly which can come to the place where there is requirements and give the required amount of whatever is needed. This could be done instead of watering acres of land. To reach my aim I will try to join clubs that teach how to make robots. I would also like to learn how to make micro chips so I can make my own robots with my technology in it.

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