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Dirty, long, sweat filled hours of labor for what? What I am about to explain is how farming makes the world what it is, and without it, we would have nothing. Farming isn’t for the weak minded individual, it is for the positive,driven, and one who wants and needs to provide for their family and community!

What education do you need for this lifestyle/ career? Well let me start off by saying it is dependent on your circumstance. It is helpful to have a bachelors in business managment if you’re wanting your farm to be a big more mass produced farm.

Your major to obtain this career could vary from a bachelors in agriculture, agronomy, or animal science. Some even get a bachelors in dairy science to become farming managers. What local colleges offer the education? Indiana State University is the only local college that offers these majors. What route do I need to take to getting this career, path to take, and how long to obtain? Earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

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Aspiring farm managers may consider enrolling in a 4-year bachelor’s degree program in farm management, agribusiness or a similar area of study. Students typically begin their studies by completing foundational courses in agricultural economics, accounting and finance. What smaler jobs are related to farming agriculture? Agricultural consultant, Estates manager,Farm manager, Fish farm manager, Plant breeder/geneticist, Rural practice surveyor, Soil scientist. What skills, personality, time, experience, etc. Do you need to be successful in this career ? A Healthy Body, Organizational Skills, Management Skills, Organic Integrity Business Savvy , great People Skills.

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What’re the daily duties/chores on an “average” work day? To say the least there is not an average or typical day because this career is a constantly changing job! But this needs are, feeding and tending the animals, cleaning the house, planting/ harvesting crops, making sure every piece of equipment is running properly, all the animals are healthy. How does this job fit into the big picture? It fits into the wide picture because farming is what provides us food, nutrition, now that doesn’t mean mass produced farms are always a good thing. What hours does one usually work and what kind of environment is work done? Until the job is done is when the hours are over, it’s done outside, in barns, fields, etc. Who works above and below a person in this career? Depending on the size of the farm, but there is usually a manager employees report to in big farms, in small farms its family owned so usually the head of the household. What is the income range? $39,000 to $75,000 a year. Is it salary or hourly? It can be both depending. What types of benefits and retirement plans come with it. And what about vacation? Again it is really dependent. Big farms the typical 401K. Vacation, if its small there really is no vacation, for a big farm it is about how long you’ve been there.

It wouldn’t really be challenging for me because I know how to farm and handle livestock, it’s second nature to me! The thing that would be challenging would be money to get started, it takes a lot of money just to start it let alone keep it running the way it should.

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