Aliens and Humans in Bloodchild by Octavia Butler

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Bloodchild is an interesting story about how humans have to live and survive on a planet full of aliens. When the humans meet the aliens for the first time they don’t seem to like each other or they are cautious of each other; however, the aliens found out that the human males are able to be used as hosts for their “worm-like” children. The story is based on one family and there boy who us supposed to be sacrificed to be impregnated for the alien.

The author develops characterization throughout the story by telling the reader of what the characters have to go through just for this egg for a longer life and healthier one. Lien the mother of Gon has a very good relationship with T’Gatoi they have been living with each other for a long time so she has gone found of T’Gatoi. On the other hand Gon is proud to mature and go to T’Gatoi for the child; however he then witnesses another bloodchild being in pain after T’Gatoi impregnates them, and decides that this is wrong and cruel.

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The author of the book Bloodchild, Octavia E. Butler, created a “science-fictional” story about the survival of a group of humans that left Earth to go to an alien planet so they would live. The type of style she used to write the story is not too much descriptive, or right brained she was trying to stay more on the left side by being more imaginative.

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Reading the story made me visualize every detail because of how descriptive and detailed it was. In the scenario that the author gave us she made the relationship between the two species very simple. In this situation the families give their son to the Tlic’s so they can impregnate them, and in return the Tlic’s give the family a home, and food or “eggs” which are filled with a strange fluid that helps the humans on the planet stay alive longer and healthier.

In the story the author shows that the aliens don’t really care about the humans. The aliens only allow the humans for their personal interests. This saves the aliens a lot of time and it takes no effort to make those eggs. A good example of this would be when Gan saw what happened to his friend and how they cut him up. He thought that this was cruel and not right. T’Gatoi basically says that’s fine just give me your sister so I can impregnate her. This shows that the aliens simply do not care about the family. The family i just being used. The hosts are basically disposable people, anybody can do it. Something that I found throughout reading the story is that gender in this situation does not really matter. Anybody can be impregnated so there is basically no difference between males and females.

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