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This is because undocumented people want to be identify, they need to have some identifications as any other document person, so they find their own way to do it. As some of the girls are undocumented, they are actually don’t have how to get a job or get a driver license, and they need to identify their selves with people, so they just have one solution to falsify ID, social security cards, driv...

The complex nature of alienation in poem The Preludes Through

In conclusion, the poem, The Preludes, portrays the futility of human existence by depicting motifs of alienation, isolation and desolation. T.S Eliot critiques the superficiality and pretensions of the changing urban landscape. The disorderliness of the industrial city establishes the growing sense of alienation and isolation since the daily existence of individuals is synonymous with a living de...

Compare and contrast the concepts of ‘alienation’ and ‘anomie’

However from the information throughout the essay it can also be suggested that the differences between alienation an anomie comes from the status of the concepts, as alienation is said to be relate and revolve to a person singularly, where as anomie is said to describe a social group rather than one person alone. To conclude, it can be argued that there alienation and anomie have both similar and...

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The Theme of Alienation in Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis"

Gregor accepts his job thinking it will lead to a more self fulfilling future. Most people experience similar disappointments in today's pecuniary economy, building stepping stones to a rarely achieved satisfaction but forgetting the real things that matter in life. Those who do not conform to this way of life find themselves ostracized and alienated. The Metamorphosis teaches one to balance work ...

Strange encounters

Two small menacing red lights glowed at me; I assumed they were its eyes. I started to tremble at this point, and asked in a low voice, "what are you?" Nothing happened for a moment or two, and then I heard a voice. At first I felt somewhat relieved that someone else was in the park beside me, I looked around but could see no one. I turned back towards the 'spider' and was amazed that its red mena...

Metaphor, Tone and Antithesis in "Legal Alien"

Pat Mora uses poetic techniques such as metaphor, tone and antithesis to show discomfort and frustration of fitting in and being accepted by both races. The readers is predicted to fathom that bi-cultural individuals don't have it so easy fitting in and being accepted by both races even though they can speak both languages, both of their race still don't accept them utterly. That leaves them havin...

"Of Mice and Men" Prejudice and Alienation

In sum, Steinbeck uses ageism, sexism, racism, and ableism to convey the theme of alienation in _Of Mice and Men_. In the scene with all four of the alienated characters in Crooks's room, Curley's wife said in frustration with the fact that she has not one to talk to, "'Standin' here talkin' to a bunch of bindle stiffs- a nigger an' a dum-dum and a lousy ol' sheep- an' likin' it because they ain't...

Favorite Genre

The third most popular type of movie at the box office is science fiction. This is also my third favorite type of movie. Science fiction movies are thrilling, suspenseful, and action filled. They can be scary too. Science fiction movies are typically "guy movies". They allow for limitless imagination. Some of my favorite science fiction movies include all the "Star Wars" movies, "Alien vs. Predato...

Theme of Aliens And Ufos in The Return

The family was no wiser because people went missing in Argentina all the time. Each person who reads this will have different questions and interpret it in a different way. When I read this I wondered why the beggar would not have done anything to the student for not telling the police what had happened. The story overall was well written because the author, Fernando Sorrentino, lived what was hap...


Being alienated can also lead to loneliness which is a dangerous place. It is important to socialize with people, friends, and family, because it can also make a person more confident. It is important to feel connected with different types of culture and people. There is no good effects of alienation, it makes people feel unwelcomed, like an outcast, like a loner, and shunned. This is how society ...

Do Aliens Exist?

I beg you've thought about it at least once when you look at the numbers the infinite size of the universe the countless stars and planets and galaxies that exist it seems crazy to assume we're alone what would be so special about us this is what dr. Frank Drake try to point out with his famous equation used to estimate the number of active extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy he...

Isolation and Alienation in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

Esther’s depression steadily worsens once she returns home. She is devastated when she is informed she has been rejected from the writing program she planned on attending and is left unsure about what to do with her life. "But when I took up my pen, my hand made big, jerky letters like those of a child, and the lines sloped down the page from left to right almost diagonally, as if they were loop...

Alienation and Isolation in The Metamorphosis

He also uses Grete to demonstrate the dynamic state of human reactions, by changing from sympathetic and caring to vicious and unsupportive by the end of the novella. Kafka continues this shaping of society from the hierarchical structure by causing Gregor himself to agree with the authoritative figures in his life and conform to the idea that he is worthless, thus imposing self-isolation. the int...

Mexican American and Poem Legal Alien

In line 16 “a handy token sliding back and forth betwee. n the fringes of both worlds…” this is a metaphor because she is comparing herself to a token. She comparesherself to a token because tokens usually have two sides to it, and she is implying that she alsohas two sides because she is Mexican and American. P at Mora uses “handy token” because she says that it is an advantage because ...

Legal Alien

Pat Mora uses poetic techniques such as metaphor, tone and antithesis to show discomfort and frustration of fitting in and being accepted by both races. The readers is predicted to fathom that bi-cultural individuals don't have it so easy fitting in and being accepted by both races even though they can speak both languages, both of their race still don't accept them utterly. That leaves them havin...

Karl Marx and Alienation

Students on the other hand, also experience this kind of alienation. First, alienation from their love ones is exhibited by leaving their families to live in dormitories inside the campus and thus learning to live on their own (Salerno, 2004). Second, by having the pressure that not studying enough would cause rejection. This thinking often leads to the reasoning why student...

The Radical Alien And The Winnipeg General Strike Of 1919

Though the workers did not meet their demands, the strike proved to be invaluable to the Canadian work force. Legislation soon created an act that obliged employers to honor and recognized the right of the workers for collective bargaining through their union. Eventually in 1920, 11 labor candidates won a slate in the Manitoba legislature, 4 of them were strike leaders. At that year, a person name...

Gothic settings are desolate, alienating and full of menace

It gives the impression of a prison, where the morally corrupted are kept, with their secrets and taboos. It can also be seen that Wuthering heights poses a threat to Thrushcross Grange because the characters keep wanting to go there and escape from culture at the Grange and become free from entrapment in an oppressive society and become reunited with nature. This is the case for Cathy, Isabella, ...

Film and Countless Alien Eggs

People were living under the tremendous pressure from the other countries. The feeling of the panic to the uncertainty just like an alien was hiding in the darkness, which was going to kill someone. By watching this film, audiences can release the pressure and forget the pain of real life. The Alien is an amazing film, which blends elements of Sci-Fi and horror to create a very horror and fantasti...

Debate over the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798

Thomas Jefferson was afraid that if they were able to remove freedom of speech and freedom of press, they would eventually take away other constitutional promises. Jefferson could not openly protest these acts because he feared prosecution. He secretly created resolutions, which Kentucky approved in 1789 and 1799. History viewed these Acts to be the biggest blunder of Adams' presidency and could h...


Because the legislative history is not decisive and there is no Supreme Court precedent, serious legal scholars and eminent jurists have argued that Congress should uses its inherent authority to define the scope of birthright citizenship. Congress can use the hearing process to promote a calm, informed, and serious discussion on the wisdom and legality of granting automatic U. S. citizenship to t...

Alien Rhyming Poem

She went on, spreading word of my Lessons, I hope she went on, to teach her own sessions... I, however was not treated so well, They locked me up in their deepest cell. They tortured me for what seemed like forever, They had no mercy for me whatsoever. I screamed with anger that pierced the skies All of my love, had said their goodbyes. The only thing left, was anger and hatred, And in time, all m...

Alienation of Labor

Nietzsche’s view of this relationship works on two different levels or ideas: good or bad in the case of master morality and evil or good in the case of the slave. When talking about slaves, he believes that the slaves are incapable of creating their own original values, instead they are influenced and invert to their masters. The master’s view of the slave according to Nietzsche is basically ...

Being surrounded by alienated minds living far away from reality many individuals

Being surrounded by alienated minds living far away from reality, many individuals believe that those who suffer from mental and psychological illness should be treated by professionals; otherwise they will lead to some consequences that would hurt both the patient and the society surrounding them. While on the other line of the spectrum the sociological perspective debates that there are other pr...

My Experience of the Social Alienation as Black College Student

Landing at UVA, the tension was finally dissipated by the surrounding students who valued work ethic and academic curiosity as much as I did. Regardless, I still couldn't shake the fact that the school's racial demographic, although an improvement from high school, heavily underrepresented black students. While the school has made strides to attack the problem by opening opportunities through admi...

Reality and Alienated Minds

May 2017 - 'these communities are helping to make illnesses that are often invisible to friends and family visible through photos and videos.' Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram as he wrote in a blog post. The number of individuals seeking help on the platform caught the eye of Instagram as they were inspired to run #HereForYou campaign. The aim was simple, connecting people and communities with each...

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