Aleya Banu

Aleya Banu (36) homemaker and mother of three claims that she has been suffering for about eight years. She has pain in her neck, back, spine and hips. Her pain is extreme during early morning and gradually dulls during the day and again rises as night increases. She has just bought a special pair of shoes that she believes will help with her hip ache. When asked she answered it was recommended by a friend (vabi). She does not continue the exercise instructed to her by her doctor she usually exercise for four to five days and then give up.

When the pain increases to the point of unbearable, she visits a new doctor again.

While answering her thought on the etiology of her illness Aleya claimed that she was married at an early age in a joint family where she had to do plenty of hard labour which ultimately caused her illness. At her in laws she would bend over to clean the yard and nearby space of the house which would take up to two hours every day.

This caused her too often get blisters on her hand and then she would also have to cook sitting down in a squatting position which was uncomfortable for her back, yet she would not complain due to her embarrassment and fear. She also cleaned pots and plates at the pond in that bent over position. At the end of the day her back would hurt extremely bad yet proper treatment were not accessible to her at most she said she would get hot oil massage (sarishar tel) from her sister in law (nanad).

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She also had to work in the processing of paddy during the harvest season as she had no space to decline. Now with her illness she finds it difficult to do everyday chores like making roti cutting fish or chicken. Using the lavatory has also become difficult as she cannot squat down, she can barely sit on a high sitting toilet. She finds it hard to use transportation where it requires more higher movements to get in and out like rickshaw, bus or train and using private car all the time is too expensive for her.

Aleya Banu has visited multiple renowned doctors in the hospital and clinics of Dhaka. She has been taking various types of biomedical oral medicine. She has recently started physiotherapy since eight days. Despite doctor’s recommendation to take physiotherapy previously, she has been delaying this treatment because she said that she has a family to run, she is always busy and it is hard to find time in her busy schedule to visit physiotherapists routinely. The cost has also been an obstacle for her since physiotherapy is expensive.

Regarding her knowledge on arthritis she could not define arthritis or exactly what type of arthritis she has. She claimed she has joint e bat er betha.

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