Alexander the Great from Macedonia Essay

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Alexander the Great from Macedonia

The cuisine of th Middle East has the same similarities as that of the Greeks for many reasons. According to history, Alexander the Great from Macedonia which is also known as Greece of today’s world came to the Middle East in the 300 BC. This brought about many Greco influences into the lives of the Middle East people. Moreover, during the Roman Empire, the Greeks brought sweets and fruits to th region. As a matter of fact, there has been a continued trade of spices between the two regions that it has become a the spice center of the world.

At the same time, the religion of the Middle east has a dominant role to play in their food traditions. Christianity in particular came from the Greek tradition. In Israel, the cuisine is considered to be international because of the diverse immigrants in the country. These immigrants range from countries like Greece to Turkey to Spain and to North Africa which influenced the way Israelites cook and prepare their food.

At the same time, the North African cuisine such as that of Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia share similarities with most the Arabic tradition because of the Islamic conquest that happened in the 7th century. Most of their cuisines are influenced by the Arabs and the aboriginal peoples of the the region which are called Berbers. In addition, Egypt has large influence geographically. It is situated in North Africa which carries with it an Arabic tradition and culture.

North Africa has always been considered Middle Eastern and Mediterranean in nature because of its geographical location. 4. Four of the most famous food in West Africa are Yassa, Sauce Canny, Diebou Dien, and Yam. The Yassa is made out of chicken or lamb with a citrus or a lime in it as a flavoring. It could also be made with fish or vegetables. The saucy Canny is made out of onions, garlics, and shallots which is mainly used as an accompaniment to may of West Africa’s dishes.

The Deibou Dien is composed of fresh and dried fish with onions and tomatoes. It also has as many vegetables as possible such as an eggplant, a manioc, turnips, white radish, cabbage, and carrots. In East Africa, the common foods are Niker Kebboh and Alecha. Niter Kebboh is made up of butter with spices like ginger, garlic, and cinnamon. Alecha on one hand is a stew made of chicken or beef or other kinds of meat. It is accompanied with bread. It is usually dipped into the spicy dishes and once its already soaked up the it is lifted into the mouth. 5.

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