Alexander Gavin's Dilemma

I. Perspective:

Professor Hennessey

II. Declaration of the Problem:

The predicament of Alexander whether to accept the offer or jeopardize his principles.

III. Objective/s:
1. Appeal on the proposal and continue to the routine bidding procedure.

2. Advocate appropriate sound company ethics.

IV. Locations of consideration:

1. Alexander Gavin, an Elder Task Manager of El Sahd Building And Construction Company in Kuwait. Mr. Gavin was used a proposition by the Ajax’s Supervisor to increase the bid total up to $33 Countless the task in Iran.

Of the $3 Million boost, $1 Million will be his share for not divulging the matter. If Mr. Gavin will decline the offer, he will experience a physical harm. He was currently included in the pay-offs prior to, but this time he was put in to a circumstance where his ethics is on the line. Gavin requires to decide that will benefit the business in the long run.

2. El Sahd Construction Company is a thriving business, with an outstanding track record for producing a timely and cost effective way on significant building and construction task in the Middle East.

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Two months earlier, Mr. Gavin took part the bidding on Iran job. The business put in a quote of $30 Million to Ajax Ltd. to be the primary sub-contractor on a project in Iran.

3. Ajax Ltd is a British based-company. As the business’s organisation culture, the Ajax’s Supervisor had a proposition to Mr. Gavin that the bid rate will be totaled up to $33 Million in order to pursue the task.

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The boost of $3 Million will be $1 Million for the Ajax’s Handling Director, $1 Million Ajax’s Manager and $1 Million to Mr. Gavin. Ajax’s Manager picked Mr. Gavin is the type in order to close the offer at their asked for bid quantity. In order to Mr. Gavin will not disclose the matter, he will receive a $1 Million share. Non cooperation of Mr. Gavin might suggest physical damage coming to him as part of the exchange.

4. Cultural relativism is the idea that morality is relative to a specific culture, society and neighborhood. There are no requirements to evaluate the level of morality in a particular culture and anybody can do is to comprehend the values and custom-made of an offered society. It’s specified in the event that bribery is a common service in the Middle East.

V. Alternative Courses of Action:

1. Reject the proposal, stick to the regular bidding procedure with $30 Million deal and wait for its consequences.

2. Accept the offer given by the manager of Ajax Ltd. and sacrifice his ethics

3. Talk to his superiors and legal team to come up necessary decisions about the case.

VI. Conclusion & Recommendation:

It is recommended to Alexander Gavin to do 3rd course of action. Gavin needs to make a decision that will benefit the company in the long run. Talk to his superiors and legal team to come up necessary decisions about the case. Appeal on the proposal and present a new proposal that has profit and follows correct sound business ethics. The company must prioritize long term goals instead of short term gains. If Ajax Ltd. will not agree on the appeal of the proposal, then there’s no threat of losing money. Company is rich and does not necessary need to secure this single project. They may hire a bodyguard to secure the safety of Mr. Gavin. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, if Mr. Gavin accepts the deal. It’s also important to know if by accepting the deal, the company will benefit from it by gaining a huge profit yet it will leave a mark of unethical behavior that will eventually weaken the company’s image and Gavin’s reputation and career may be put at risk.

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