Aldous Huxley Essay

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Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley captures the effect of the application of scientific methods to procedures in the modern American society to a more substantial degree than ever, recognized by readers of his novel, Brave New World. This portrays a world centered around scientific progress and control. Huxley brings to light the extremity of influence given to Americans by revolutionary science.

In an effort to forever improve, society has conformed to many ways of fixing imperfections. From surgeries and medications for honest sicklings to injections for greedy, pretentious abusers, people as a whole have transformed from the good ole days to the fast-paced, materialistic world. While discoveries in science are often for the benefit of society, is it possible that these newfound treasures are actually a preface for rot and ruin?

Since most little girls could remember, the only way it seemed plausible to become successful was by living in the body of Cinderella or Barbie or Miss America. As they began to mature, nothing changed. The image remained as a beautiful bag of bones when media and celebrities were constantly thrown in their face. In the past, if they didn’t have “the look”, they were left hopeless and self-conscious. Thankfully, some idiot decided they would abuse the power of nature and science by providing these girls with an answer to their prayers.

Plastic Surgery! What they didn’t account for was the impact. Now, not only were the glamorous allowed to have the image, everyone was-again, reducing the confidence in the female population and encouraging a new friend, bullying. Moreover, it is affecting the mental health of children in this conceited society. Surveys and recent research show that “ Teens view plastic surgery as a way to fit in and look acceptable to friends and peers” (Plastic Surgery).

How is it that society has allowed this damage to take place? The original intentions of these different types of surgeries were honest. Science isn’t the one to be held responsible, rather the insecurities of certain

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