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Alcohol – Underage Drinking Essay

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Did you know that approximately one teenager between the ages of 14 and 17 die each week as a result of underage drinking? If that’s not alarming, research is saying that teenagers who frequently binge drink, are more likely to use drugs like cocaine and have sex with six or more partners and receive very poor grades at school. Good morning / afternoon and fellow students, I’m here today to convince you that alcohol consumption amongst teenagers should be reduced in order to eliminate serious injuries and deaths, reduce unsafe sexual activity and violent behaviour particularly in male teens.

Despite being educated about alcohol consumption, binge drinking amongst teenagers is increasing at an alarming rate. Statistics show that teenagers who drink alcohol will take risks and put themselves in dangerous situations. As a result, more than sixty teenagers are hospitalised each weekend in Australia from alcohol related injuries. In the short term binge drinking can cause harm such as vomiting, hangovers and alcohol poisoning; however over a long period of time it may lead to more serious health issues such as alcohol dependence, brain and liver damage.

Did you know the human brain is not fully developed until we reach the age of 25? What many of you don’t understand is that at this age, your brain is still forming critical parts needed for learning, memory, planning, emotional stability and thinking. Teenage binge drinking prevents the brain from developing properly and can cause permanent damage. In addition to the health risks, drinking alcohol impairs your judgement and the ability to make correct or safe decisions. Recent studies show there is a link between teenage drinking and high risk sexual activity.

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For example, teenagers who drink alcohol are more likely to have multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex, resulting in unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. A recent survey also showed that approximately 10 percent of female high school students had reported being raped. Plain and simple, alcohol alters your ability to think clearly. A study conducted in Great Britain revealed that: After drinking alcohol, one in seven 16-to-24-year-olds have had unprotected sex, while one in five have had sex that they regretted and one in 10 said they had been unable to remember if they had sex the night before.

Do you want to be one of these statistics? When young males tend to drink some start to become violent and aggressive and try to create fights. The worst case scenario is someone getting killed. Aggressive, delinquent behaviours, especially amongst male teenagers often result in hospitalisation. Assaults such as king hits, glassings, stabbings and physical abuse are on the increase. Recently on a Saturday night, St Vincents hospital in Sydney recorded no less than 65 people being admitted with bloodied faces, teenagers passed out on stretchers and many innocent victims of alcohol fuelled violence.

Seriously, could you live with yourself knowing you had injured a good friend? I know I couldn’t. Underage drinking, even so-called light drinking is dangerous, illegal, and must not be tolerated. Everyone including parents, schools, sporting clubs and anywhere young people gather should work together to deliver the message that underage drinking is not OK. Teens that drink alcohol run the risk of being seriously injured, they engage in unsafe sexual practices and boys can become extremely violent. I urge you not to binge drink.

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