Alcohol in Our Body 

North America has an average of 65 percent of adults, over the age of 21 years old that drink alcohol, and a small percent of these adults drink more than the average amount of alcohol. A high percentage of alcohol consumers are young, white college students, who often report missing classes and even failing classes. Through much research women should only have a maximum of one drink a day and men should only have two drinks a day. When Americans educate themselves in regards to consuming alcohol beverages it is important to remember that the repercussions to consuming large quantities alcohol can lead to; alcohol poisoning, cancer, heart attacks, blackouts, suicide, and most of all deaths in car accidents while intoxicated.

When you drive under the influence you can become a hazard that takes lives that while haunt you for the rest of your life.

Most vehicle accidents are caused by a person that has drank too much alcohol, this can lead to making poor choices which affects decision making within the brain.

Alcohol poisoning occurs when you drink to much alcohol for your liver to process and can lead to death by heart attack and restricted breathing. When you drink alcohol and you pass out the alcohol goes straight to the brain and become lethal. Alcohol is also very dangerous long term for it kills off your brain cells, eating while drink can help prevent the alcohol from breaking down the cell walls of your brain for most of your brain cells will not regenerate like your liver.

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Our liver is an organ that can only filter one drink an hour, so it is important to drink slowly over a long period of time. It is also important to know how much alcohol that you are consuming and what the alcohol content is for each drink that you consume. A regular beer has around 5% alcohol content in it where as spirits and shots have a 40% alcohol content.

Another important thing to be weary with alcohol is FAS, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This is where an expectant mother drinks in any trimester and the child can be born with facial deformities such as a flaten face and can be born with learning disorders from the brain being killed by the alcohol that they consumed while in the womb. Any amount of alcohol puts the child at risk of FAS at any time. A newborn infant can come out addicted to alcohol. When a newborn infant goes through withdrawals of alcohol it can be very painful for the infant. This is why it is important to not just educate the public but pregnant women as well. Alcohol can bring problems not only to adult but when kid under the age of 14 drinks alcohol there chances of becoming addicted are greater than them waiting till they are 21. There is almost half of high schoolers that consume alcohol will admit to drinking which leads to low grades and even failing school. Overall alcohol can do more damage to you than the high of being drunk is worth.

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