Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine Essay

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Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine

Antecedents I woke up a little late so I was worried about the things I have to do for the day. I decided to have coffee for breakfast, nothing else as I was rushing to call a friend who is expecting my call that morning. Towards lunch time, I was thirsty and I thought a can of soda would be great. I grabbed one and finished it in no time.

Consequences I had coffee and soda because I was rushing when I was having my breakfast, and coffee is the quickest that I can get. Also, I know it can perk me up.

I got another dose of caffeine through the soda I drank, which is sort of a feel-good drink for me. DAY 2 (Tuesday) Antecedents It was a relaxed day, nothing much to do. I ate right and did not have coffee today. I did not drink any cola either. I bought bottled water which lasted me through the day so I did not have to buy another can of soda.

Consequences There was no caffeine today; no nicotine or alcohol either as I am not a fan of these. I figured if I am relaxed there is less chance for me to have caffeine. Having water available also helps.

I felt light and active throughout the day. DAY 3 (Wednesday) Antecedents I met with a friend and he was smoking so I smoked too when I was offered, though I barely finished the whole stick. I also had iced coffee after lunch, to perk me up because I was feeling sleepy but I did not want any hot drinks.

Consequences I was dizzy. I was guessing it is because of the cigarette; that I am not used to it especially that brand my friend had that is why it got me dizzy. The coffee helped a lot. As always it perked me up.

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