Alcohol and Drug Abuse Essay

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Hello fellow classmates, today I’m going to inform you on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Alcohol abuse is due to many factors, including how you were raised, your social environment and your emotional health. American Indians and Native Alaskans are more likely to develop alcohol abuse, also people who have a family history of alcoholism or heavy drinkers are more likely to develop some sort of drinking problem.

People who suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder are at risk because alcohol may have been used to self-medicate Alcohol abuse effects society in many ways including more people getting divorced, domestic violence problems, unemployment and even living in poverty, also if you have children they are effected the most as they are sensitive and are most likely to suffer from long-lasting emotional trauma because a parent or caretaker is an alcohol abuser Many people experiment with drugs for different reasons.

Many people try drugs for the first time because they are curious; think they’re going to have a good time, because everyone around them is doing it including friends, others do it to enhance athletic performance or to ease other problems such as stress, anxiety or depression. Some may think using drugs automatically leads to abuse but it depends on the individual. Drug Abuse isn’t about how much you take or how frequently you take it, it’s about the consequences from taking the drug, if it’s causing problems at home, school, work or even relationships, it’s possible you have a drug abuse problem.

Drug abuse affects society in many different ways such as, neglecting your responsibilities at school, work or home, causing problems in your relationships such as fights with your partner, family member or friends We need to change the way Alcohol and Drug abuse affects not only society but the abusers, because it is unfaithful to God’s teachings as he never wanted us to abuse anything in anyway shape or form. God’s love for everyone is so strong and powerful that he doesn’t want you to get hurt because you feel the need to abuse Alcohol and especially Drugs

The solution to these problems is depending on there condition. Most abusers can control there use therefore and easy solution for them is moderation, for example setting limits and using there will power, but if that doesn’t work they need to obtain counselling, which will help them with different strategies in coping with all there emotions, but if someone is a social drinker because they have a low self-esteem, they can get psychological help to feel better about themselves so they don’t have to drink So we need to spread the word of god to start decreasing the number of people who abuse drugs and alcohol

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