Alaska Oil Drilling Essay

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Alaska Oil Drilling

With the current market trends and the increased demand for crude products, many governments are trying various means to look for alternative reservoirs to meet the needs of consumers and industries. In the United States, one important agenda that the government is advocating involves a program that will address the current needs of American society – exhausting its oil reserves in Alaska. By advocating Alaska oil drilling, America can alleviate the plight of consumers with the increasing prices of petroleum products.

Realizing the Need Looking at the issue, the United States government has been finding ways to create solutions to the crisis surrounding energy. This impeding demand for energy has brought about national concern which made the President asked congress to ratify a bill that will enable the government to extract its oil reserves in Alaska. Government Spot mentions that “in order to alleviate this emergency, President George W. Bush is advocating an increase in energy supply, rather than a decrease in demand” (p. 1).

Tapping the government’s resources in Alaska can greatly impact the prices of petroleum products while at the same time addressing the increasing demand. The Detractors While there had been efforts to do these, various groups have been hesitant in pursuing this due to the relevant consequences it can create to the natural habitat in the area. Various environmental groups warned that the process would “harm a pristine wilderness and endanger a key habitat for migratory birds, polar bears, caribou and other animals” (BBC, p. ).

Moreover, the detractors of the said practice are unsure of what drilling practices shall be made by the United States Government. Seeking the Potentials In addressing these challenges in the environment, various environmental friendly methods of drilling have been in place. Seeing this, ANWR argues that “new oil development technology, developed over 30 years on Alaska’s North Slope, will allow companies to tap underground producing reservoirs with a much smaller “footprint” on the surface” (p. 1).

With the current advancements in technology, various oil drilling companies have created methods that seek to extract oil while at the same time minimizing and limiting its detrimental effects. (ANWR, p. 2) In addition, advocating such practice can exhaust better economic benefits in the United States. Moreover, these innovative techniques can help facilitate alternatives for consumers and can help lower the rising cost of petroleum products. (ANWR, p. 3) Lastly, by lowering the cost of oil, better technological improvements can be done by drilling companies with the overall objective of responsible extraction of natural resources.

Conclusion As the United States address the current demands for energy in the 21st century, exhausting potential resources in Alaska is one important alternative that can help alleviate the country’s need. Though detractors and critics often point out the relevant effects it contribute to the environment, with the new environmental friendly procedures and methods, better facilitation can be made. In the end, by advocating the Alaska oil drilling, better outcomes can be made for both the American consumers and at the same time provide competitiveness for the economy.

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