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Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd is No.1 Distributors of HPLC/GC/UPLC Columns and Lab Accessories in India.

is a leading distributing company in India for HPLC/GC/UPLC Columns and Lab Accesories. Akira Analytical Solutions PvtLtd most sought after No.1 brands in India which are named to their rugged ness are as follows: from Japan. Regis Chiral Columns from USA. Altius GC Columns . Akira Analytical Solutions PvtLtd supply Benson Polymeric Columns, Poly LC Columns, Jordi GPC Columns, Eprogen SEC columns, Waters HPLC Columns, Hypersil BDS Columns, Nuceosil Columns, Dionex Columns, Ultron ES OVM Columns, Sumichiral Columns, , Diacel Chiral Columns, YMC Columns, Zorbax Columns, Luna Columns, SGE Columns, AT, BP, Supelco, Varian, Prontosil Columns,2ml Vials,20ml Vials, Cuvettes, Pipettes, Magnetic Crimp caps,aluminium crimp caps,Shimadzu,Agilent spares,Deutirium lamps and much more.

We supply perfect equivalents in our brands to whatever you look for.
,Altius GC Columns,Regis Chiral Columns,Vials,Vial Inserts,Waters Columns,Inertsil Columns,Hamilton,Poly LC,Benson Polymeric,SEPAX,Agela,Chiral AGP,Diacel,Dionex,Zorbax,Shimadzu,Hypersil BDS Columns,Partisil,YMC, Cosmicsil,Prontosil,Quadrex,Hp,AT,DB,SB,Varian,Cpsil,Phenomenex Luna

also provide All Lab Accessories of most reputed and popular brands.

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Akira Analytical Solutions PvtLtd are the leading suppliers of Lab Accessories in most of the labs across India. Akira Analytical Solutions PvtLtd supply Vials,Septas,PEekNuts,Peektubing,Aluminium Crimp Caps,Magnetic Crimp Caps,Syringes,Syringe Filters,Me,brane Filters,Pipettes,Column End Nuts,Ovens and much much more.
Address:5. MIG-1, PLOT No-2, 9th phase, K. P. H. B Colony,Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,India Mobile Phone:9393056679 Website:

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