Airport Rules and Regulations

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Obey the law: That’s what they are making sure you are doing, so if you do, you are complying with their guidelines. If you are not breaking any laws, they cannot hold anything against you.

Don’t try to smuggle on any banned items: Scanners used for screening luggage are very high tech and can detect anything that has been banned. Chances of getting away with a smuggle are extremely low. Even if you are not planning on harming anyone, you are still breaking the law by carrying them on and will get caught and possibly not allowed to board your flight or even prosecuted.

Don’t try to disguise a banned item as something permitted or hide it between items, hoping the scanner will not see between them. It simply will not work. The following articles are examples of people who tried exactly that and were caught: [1] [2]

Be honest: It is hard for most to lie straight-faced, and agents are looking out for the signs of lying.

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It is easy to tell the truth instantly, but if you lie, you will unknowingly hesitate in your answers.

Have nothing to hide: You may draw unwanted suspicion to yourself if you are trying to keep a secret, even if legal. If you are open about whatever is true, authorities will likely see you as honest.

Cooperate: If you fail to cooperate without a fight, you will draw further unwanted scrutiny

Have the required documents ready: This shows that you are willing to allow the agents to see them

Carry the full list of forbidden items: Print out a copy with the printer showing a date as close as possible to your day of travel.

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This way, if you are questioned about an item you are carrying, and falsely told it is not permitted, you can show it is permitted. You can either have a printout or have a window for the page of the site of that country already open on your smartphone.

Don’t be arrogant: If you act like you oppose the security measures being taken, or like you know how the procedures work, this may be suspicious. Opposition to the procedures is seen as suspicious because it is viewed as an attack on attempts to keep the public safe. One who seemingly knows the system so well that they know what to expect may be viewed as possibly having studied the system to learn secrets for all the wrong reasons. Subservience is key.

Do not tell jokes about anything bad: Under no circumstances should you joke about carrying a bomb or planning an attack. Agents will take this seriously!!!! Even though you intend no harm, you will be treated as if you are carrying out the next 9/11. It’ll be hard to clear your name. And in all likelihood, you will miss your flight.

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Airport Rules and Regulations
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