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Essay on Airplane

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Southwest Airlines

In conclusion, southwest employs marketing strategies which helps in ensuring that the organization is the most popular among the passengers. The southwest also has a culture of respecting all their stakeholders despite their hierarchy or role in the organization. All southwest employees’ works as a team and they are very motivated which improves their job satisfaction and productivity in the or...

Airline company - AirAsia

AirAsia will be the best airline company as they provide the cheapest price for tickets and granting everyone the affordability to fly around the world. As travelling via aircraft are becoming the norm these days, especially during vacation time, the low cost airline are always the target for travellers and thus, aiming to be the best among the rest will prove profitable in the future. To make th...

Aircraft Secondary Flight Control Surfaces in Airplane

Slats are aerodynamic surfaces on the leading edge of the wings of fixed-wing aircraft which, when deployed, allow the wing to operate at a higher angle of attack. A higher coefficient of lift is produced as a result of angle of attack and speed, so by deploying slats an aircraft can fly at slower speeds, or take off and land in shorter distances. They are usually used while landing or performing ...

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Five Force Analysis of Southwest Airline

The market is dominated by a few large airplane suppliers including Southwest Airline. As for the catering, gift services and other indirect materials, there are many fragmented sources and therefore their power is of almost no significance. The cost of switching from Boeing 737 to Airbus A320 is very high. Apart from purchase price, the company should pay for the training of employees and the mai...

Wright Brothers- Invention of Airplane and Its Impacts

Today, airplanes are used to transport people quickly around for holidays. In the Wright Brothers time, they were not used for this, but they have had a massive impact on how we live today. After a while airplanes were used to fly around the world in a short space of time. It made it easier for more people to experience more places, and the western culture spread quickly around the globe. Because ...

Analysis of Boeing Manufacturing Case

If I were the program manager, I would have looked to establish a manufacturing factory that focused solely on production of the parts for the plane. This way, more attention would be paid to the specific parts and communication between the vendors would have been more effective. This factory would need employees which would be skilled in their specific function and that would be able to produce t...

Objectives of Kingfisher Airlines

Prior to launch, KFA signed a “non-poaching alliance” with Air Deccan under which both the airlines agreed not to hire each other’s employee. KFA’s flight attendants called “Flying models” were selected through a national level model contest.KFA also stressed the fact that its employees had to be capable enough to meet the airlines’ high service standards.Mr. Mallya said “Kingfishe...

Strategic Analysis of Jet Blue Airlines

As a discount carrier JetBlue needs to keep their bottom line as low as possible. Up to this point they have done a wonderful job. They are one of the only airlines turning a profit, and have been growing at a very healthy rate. However, as they continue to grow, many of the advantages that they currently enjoy could begin to disappear as they continue to grow because they will be forced to move ...

Internal Analysis of Ryanair Company

The classification of factors into strength and weaknesses can be misleading. For example, the enlargement of the fleet can lead to economics of scope. But at the same time, there is the risk of creating overcapacity (and thereby deteriorating performance indicators, e.g. load factor). Hence some issues may be both, a possible strength and weakness. The same is true for opportunities and threats. ...

Inventing the Airplane, Changing the World

Just think about it, all the amazing places you’ve been to, that you had to fly to get there would have never happened. Some of you wouldn’t even live here all because the air plane wasn’t made. I know I wouldn’t be here. Have you ever thought about t like that? I bet a lot of you haven’t. Finally, I have proof that the air plane is the best invention. I explained how the wright brothers...

Singapore International Airlines

Among the rewards that have been recognized by SIA is the honour as the annual Deputy Chairman’s Award. For Mr. Sim, recognition awarded by the company apart from the financial rewards is to ensure that their staffs are recognized for their commitment and dedication. However, the rewards and recognitions given are based on the evaluation system. This evaluation system is to monitor the staff to ...

My First Airplane Ride

The best part of the whole entire airplane ride experience was when we arrive in Las Vegas. As we flew of the city the view of Las Vegas Blvd. , tall buildings and the millions of miles of desert land left me in absolute awe! The landing was a different story. Again, I almost urinated in my pants. As the plane cruised in for a landing, I braced myself by grabbing the armrest of the seat that I was...

High Frequency Omnidirectional Range

A ground-based navigational aid operating at very high frequency and using a wide-aperture radiation system to reduce azimuth errors caused by reflection from terrain and other obstacles; makes use of the Doppler principle to solve the problem of ambiguity that arises from the use of a radiation system with apertures that exceed one-half wavelength; the system is so designed that its signals may b...

My Hobby Radio Controlled Aircraft

Airplanes which takes the entire RC Airplane. Main gear have to be strong and yet flexible enough to provide safe takeoff and landing to RC Airplane. A rigid inflexible landing gear can damage the RC Airplane structure as the entire weight / reaction force would be carried by the fuselage. So, in order to avoid this landing gears are designed to be strong yet flexible enough so they bend slightly ...

An Imaginary Airplane Crash

At the same time, our plane was falling down in the dark and gloomy sky. The only thing I could do was prey for good luck. If we could fall into the ocean, it would not be that bad. Because of the sea water, we might survive this crash. “ Oh no! We are going to hit an island.” someone shouted out. It was Hawaii. Actually, that would be my first choice, if I were planning to take a vacation. No...

Easyjet Analysis

Therefore, marketing is very important if Easyjet wants to attract new customers as well as maintain those that it already has. Since the UK market provides very little growth opportunity, more airlines are likely to invade the continental market with new bases being established at Berlin as well as Eastern Europe. (Collett, 1999). Marketing should play a role in convincing customers that flying i...

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

This not only allows people to order their food easily but allows Tesco to reach a wider audience because people that may not usually shop at Tesco may now do so because of the convenience it offers. The Internet also makes it much easier for customers and companies to compare prices and specifications of products before they buy, which is clearly a better level of service. However, this could als...

Effectiveness of Airasia’s Performance Measurement System

With all this achievements, awards and significant milestones in just 6 years, it is obvious to see that the performance measurement system that AirAsia is using is effective and efficient. This system set a very good benchmark to all the key elements in helping AirAsia achieve its vision and goals. By following the system, AirAsia gives priority on areas like cost efficiency, branding, product de...

About Malaysia Airlines

Interestingly, the consultant has its own name file and refuses to provide insight into cultural and political environments facing business in Malaysia. [Secret reason for seniors is indeed a weakness of the system and Malaysian culture that correspond to the process of the company or state system and facilities. [This is the case that you do not receive any publication of the company MH370 now he...

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