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Airline company - AirAsia

Introduction AirAsia originally was founded by government and on 2 December 2001 was bought byTonyFernandes. AirAsia was established in year 1993. AirAsia has travel around the earthandascend to become the world’s best in year 2001. AirAsia continues to spread out the way for low-cost aviation through the innovation, efficient and passionate approach to businesswith a route a network that extent through over 20 countries. There are some companieswhich link withAirAsia such as AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia, Philippines’ AirAsia Inc., AirAsiaJapan…...

Aircraft Secondary Flight Control Surfaces in Airplane

 in AirplaneIn order for an aircraft to maneuver and maintain its stability, this required for aircraft to have control surfaces. Mainly, the aircraft are divided into two main control surfaces which are the primary flight control and the secondary flight control. The primary flight control is a basic control surfaces used to maneuver such as rolling, pitching and yawing. Meanwhile, secondary flight control surfaces are designed to augment stability, assist pilot control and ease the work-load. Some of the aircraft…...

Five Force Analysis of Southwest Airline

1. The threat of new entrants. In terms of economies of scale, Southwest fleet grew to 537 Boeing 737 aircraft providing service to 64 cities in 32 states throughout the United States, with 397 city pairs being served nonstop, by the end of 2008, thus has reached sufficient economies of scale. And Southwest Airline gains its cost advantage through the implementation of “low-cost strategy”. It not only flew planes point-to-point—short-haul flights bypassing the expensive hub-and-spoke operations but also chose less…...

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Wright Brothers- Invention of Airplane and Its Impacts

America 1903 Firstly, things were going well for the economy in the Wright Brothers time period – The American Progressive Era. There were more technological developments and a social growth too- the U.S.A was becoming more involved with other countries and became a major world power. A war against Spanish rule was coming to its end, but America was entering World War 1. Luckily, this was just the right time for the Wright Brothers to be alive, because their invention…...

Analysis of Boeing Manufacturing Case

Boeing adopted the radical change approach for designing and developing the 787 Dreamliner because they were in competition with Airbus and needed a new approach in which they could use innovation to stand out upon their competitiors. Boeing was looking to reduce manufacturing costs and development times. Boeing took an aggressive approach to apply their techniques. There was not enough time to fully establish the project or to even communicate with vendors. The project was delayed mainly because of their…...

Objectives of Kingfisher Airlines

KINGFISHER AIRLINES Kingfisher Airlines Limited is an airline group based in India Its head office is in Andheri (East), Mumbai and Registered Office in UB City, Bangalore. Kingfisher Airlines, through its parent company United Breweries Group, has a 50% stake in low-cost carrier Kingfisher Red. The airline has been facing financial issues for many years. Until December 2011, Kingfisher Airlines had the second largest share in India's domestic air travel market. However due to a severe financial crisis faced by…...

Strategic Analysis of Jet Blue Airlines

Executive Summary JetBlue is a company built on a focus strategy of low-priced, no-hassle ticketing and refreshingly efficient customer service. The company began with the goal to eliminate many of the complexities and asininities of commercial air travel and set a new standard for customer service. Thus far the company has flown beyond these goals and everyone's expectations while returning a handsome profit to whomever chooses to invest in this airline industry success. From his humble beginnings as a University…...

Internal Analysis of Ryanair Company

Human Resources Ryanair currently employs 2000 people (2003) from 25 nations. The pay is performance related and among the highest in the airline industry (Annual Report 2004, p. 5). Travel concessions and participation in the share option program is granted to all employees. In 2003 over 30% (639 in total) of employees took part in the stock option program - the average pay per employee was about 53.000 (Annual Report 2004, p. 21). CEO Michael O'Leary has significantly shaped Ryanair.…...

Inventing the Airplane, Changing the World

What development soars like a bird however is much bigger? An aircraft! I bet the majority of you got that. But this here isn't a routine invention. It's the biggest invention. It's so amazing. I mean we get a possibility to fly. And I bet there's tons of other ways the airplane is remarkable. I'll share some aspects of the plane. Initially, you need to know who created such a fantastic innovation. The genius or ought to I say geniuses…...

Singapore International Airlines

Intro Singapore Airlines was founded in the year 1947 as the Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) during the British intrusion at the Tanah Melayu. After the occasions Self-reliance in 1957, the Malayan Airways Limited has actually altered its name to Malayan Singapore Airlines (MSA). Nevertheless, the company name ought to be changed once again as a result of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965. This company was separated in 2 various entities which are the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and…...

My First Airplane Ride

I was very nervous as I bordered an airplane for the very first time approximately, four years ago. As I walked up the ramp to the entrance of the plane, I remember having butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I felt as if my legs would collapse at any minute. This experience was one that I could never forget. My first airplane trip was to Las Vegas, Nevada. I was anxious because this would be my first ever airplane…...

High Frequency Omnidirectional Range

The VHF Omnidirectional Range navigation system, VOR, was probably the most significant aviation invention other than the jet engine. With it, a pilot can simply, accurately, and without ambiguity navigate from Point A to Point B. The widespread introduction of VORs began in the early 1950s and 50 years later it remains the primary navigation system in the overwhelming majority of aircraft. VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR), is a type of short-range radio navigation system for aircraft, enabling aircraft to…...

My Hobby Radio Controlled Aircraft

INTRODUCTION A radio-controlled aircraft (often called RC aircraft or RC plane) is a model aircraft that is controlled remotely, typically with a hand-held transmitter and a receiver within the craft. The receiver controls the corresponding servos that move the control surfaces based on the position of joysticks on the transmitter, which in turn affect the orientation of the plane. Flying RC aircraft as a hobby has been growing worldwide with the advent of more efficient motors (both electric and miniature…...

Business Policy and System of SIA

This report will study business policy and system of SIA and will cover 6 different scopes, namely the background details SIA, the examination of External and Internal Environments that is affecting SIA, Long term and Short-term Objectives of SIA need to think about, Strategic options SIA may select and implement and the justification First of all, background information of SIA would be supplied, in order to allow higher understanding of the company on a whole. This area would include elements…...

An Imaginary Airplane Crash

Fifteenth of January in 2011, it was the day which I decided to go to the United States for my bachelor degree. Before I went to America, I had a large quantity of things to prepare: do researches about universities in the United States, write documents to apply to a university, get a visa so that I could go to America legally, and so on. After all these things were done, I bought a flight ticket to America. The university…...

Easyjet Analysis

Easyjet is one of the successful European ‘no frills airlines’. The airline was founded in 1995 by a Greek man called Stelios Haji-loannou. A concept that made him found the Airline was based on the fact that customers’ demand for short-haul air transport is price elastic. This can be translated to mean that when flight costs are reduced, many people fly due to the affordability of the flight prices. Easyjet has been successful because it has been able to liberate…...

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

In this report, I am going to examine organisation and economics in selected services. In this 4th job my learning outcome is as follows - easyJet is Europe's leading affordable airline company. The airline was established by Stelios Haji-Ioannou. It launched in November 1995 from its base in Luton using 2 routes to Glasgow and Edinburgh, served by 2 Boeing 737 aircraft. EasyJet have actually now gone on to use 89 paths from 36 European airports, running 64 airplanes in…...

Effectiveness of Airasia’s Performance Measurement System

We could see that this system used by AirAsia is successful as they have been doing really well and improving since year 2001 from first airline in the world to introduce mobile booking, to be a public listed company on the Malaysia Stocks Exchange (Bursa Malaysia), after having on 22 November 2004. In line with its growth and expansion plans, AirAsia has secured a 175 aircraft commitment with Airbus for its A320s. The 175 aircraft order will place AirAsia as…...

About Malaysia Airlines

When the radar plane is flying at low altitude, you can't spot the plane, but you can't find a reason why the local military radar can't catch the plane. "12.40 in Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 153 people, of course, turned into a planned flight schedule, and of course 239 lost China en route to Beijing en route to the Indian Ocean. There are a number of research activities seen in many countries in the region, but there are no…...

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