Airbnb is a website platform that provides the travellers or other users short-term rental housing or room services. It provides 7 million characteristic homestays, short-term rentals, hotels, apartments, and more around the world covering 191 countries. There are four characteristic of services apply to Airbnb, including service inseparability, service perishability, service variability and service intangibility. Service inseparability refers to the services provided by Airbnb that can’t be separated from the landlords and customers, they have a close relationship. Airbnb provides a global tourist housing rental service to customers, the customers can search the vacation home rental information, complete online booking procedure and give feedback about the housing rental service through the Internet or mobile applications, whereas these services can’t be separated by the company in order to effectively manage its business.

Besides that, due to Airbnb is an online company where the users can use an online payment system to pay for rent. Therefore, the online payment service is very important to Airbnb and its customers which cannot be separated with the company and its customers.

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In additional, Airbnb also play a role of service intermediary, which create a novel accommodation experience and social experience that can help landlords to advertise their housing, and also help the users to choose their idea house. Then, the company also provide a landlord evaluation system to the customers in order to improve the services of landlord and create a rental environment where everyone can feel safe and happy. In summary, the services of Airbnb are usually provided by the landlord and also consumed by the customers at the same time so which cannot be separated and have a close relation between them (MARGARET.

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M, 2007).

Besides that, the services are offered by Airbnb that have the characterise of service perishability. The service perishability is defined as a service that cannot be stored for long periods of time in order to apply for future sale or use (MARGARET.M, 2007) . This means that the services cannot be delayed and must be immediately provided when needed because the demand for services will soon disappear. Therefore, the company fully analyse and determine the needs of the customers and landlords, and then develop effective strategies to build a better relationship between demand and supply. The company provides neighbourhood guides and wish lists features to the customers. The neighbourhood guides can offer more detailed accommodation information according to attributes like natural, clean, simple or prosperity in different areas in a country. Then, the wish list feature helps disoriented customers to compare and determine their ideal places for staying and visiting (Fleischman.V, 2010).These features can help the company to effectively determine the needs of the customers and then fast provide the correct services to them. Therefore, Airbnb can address the issue of service perishability by ensuring that provide timely and reliable service to the customers.

In additional, service variability is also an important characteristic of Airbnb services. Service variability means the services can vary greatly based on who offers them and how, where and when. There are two types of service variability, including the variability in quality of services and the variability in the user appearance methods (Sven, 2017). Due to the labour-intensive nature of the service, the quality of service can vary greatly offered by different providers or even by the same provider at different times. Besides that, the variability in the user appearance methods can cause many problems for the company which cannot control over when this happens and do not know how customers appear. However, Airbnb solves this problem by ensuring that its services are provided to its customers in the best way possible to ensure that the quality of services are high. This can increase the customers’ satisfaction.

Airbnb provides a high level of security and quality service to customers. The company requests the landlords who provide personal information, home ownership certificate, picture, ID and more details in order to assess whether they are suitable, which can ensure the security of the customer’s rental. Besides that, the company also requires customers to provide personal information to facilitate contact with the landlords and then the landlords can provide timely services for them. Then, the company also provide a landlord evaluation system in order to evaluate the services of landlord and provide the highest quality of services to customers.

Service intangibility is defined as the services that cannot be felt, tasted, heard, seen, touch, or smelled before the customers buy them (Claessens.M, 2015). Airbnb is an online company where the landlords can rent their house to other customers who are finding recommendations. However, the customers can only see pictures and prices of the house on the webpage, they cannot see the house, cannot touch or smell it. They can only really see and touch the house after they arrived there. If the customers are not satisfied but they have paid. Therefore, the company increases the quality of service in order to satisfy the customers’ needs and expectations. The company offers a platform to the customers and landlords so that they can connect effectively, and the landlords can share the information about their accommodations, and customers can share their experiences with other customers for reference. These can help the customers can have a better understanding about the information before booking, and reducing the customers’ dissatisfactions.

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