Air Pollution and You: What Happens When We Don’t Care About Our Air

When we do not care about our air, air pollution occurs. However, air pollution has happened since the industrial evolution at 13th century. Air pollution has increased significantly nowadays and it alarms the citizens of the earth. We, human are reliable on the air to live and we are the ones who polluted it. The biosphere is greatly polluted due to our selfishness and irresponsibility. In short, it is our responsibility to stand up and motivate people to respect the mother earth.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), air quality affects the lives of people significantly. Every year, 4.2 million of people die due to outdoor air pollution and 91% of the world’s population is living in places where the air quality has already exceeded the WHO guideline limits. Believe it or not, air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths worldwide and indoor air pollution kills 4.3 million of people every year. Therefore, air pollution is an invisible killer that kills us by affecting our health.

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If we don’t care about our home, we will be unable to breathe and enjoy the clean air one day. In order to cope air pollution, we have to know the effect of air pollution on human first to alarm everyone about the importance of the air.

Air pollution causes eye irritation. The eyes are vulnerable to the polluted air because they contact directly to the atmosphere. The hydrocarbon and nitric oxide in the polluted air irritate the eyes the most. These chemicals can be found in the automobile exhaust.

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These chemicals can dissolve in the tear film and acidify it, irritating the mucous membrane in the eyes. The symptoms of eye irritation caused by polluted air include burning and redness, watering, allergic reaction, itching, cataracts and visual difficulties. The dry eye syndrome (DES) is the most frequent complaint eye irritation. The damage of the cornea of the eyes is not an instant process, thus we should take action before things are not too late. To manage these problems, those remain outside for a long time are advised to wear sunglasses and avoid contact lenses.

Air pollution causes respiratory diseases. Asthma is the most common disease affecting human breathes in polluted air. Inflammation induced by particulate matter, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen in the air passage causes a person to have difficulty in breathing. Besides, the carcinogens present in the air leads to pulmonary cancer. Uncontrolled growth of the lung cells reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity and malfunctions the respiratory system. These diseases can be reduced by Fresh Air Bottles if you are an active outsider. If you are the one who will stay indoor for a long period of time, try to reduce the indoor air pollution by increase the air flow for better ventilation, avoid using scented candles and install certified air filters. Stop smoking as this will not only reduce air pollution but also save your life from the smoke which will pollute every time you breathe.

Air pollution can cause immune system defects. Unborn and newborn babies exposed to polluted air will have lower immunity against the infections and may exhibit inborn allergies. They will have very low immunity to a cold and cough because of the general or gradual weakening of lung function. According to the report of WHO, more than 33 percent of diseases in children range from age 5 and younger is mainly caused by environmental exposure. This shows that immune system plays a critical role in protecting a child from getting ill in a polluted environment. Some scientist found that ILC2-like cells are linked to pollution exposure in humans. Consequently, the longer a child stay in an unhealthy environment, the bigger the cell. The bigger the cell, the higher the possibilities that the child has a weaker immune system. In summary, air-borne pollutants may cause immunologically mediated disorder.

Air pollution causes hair damage. Hair is more vulnerable to air pollution damage as hair is often unprotected and neglected. Soot, dirt, dust and gases of the polluted air leads to scalp irritation, dryness, breakage and premature baldness. The polluted air interferes and damages the protein-producing process which stimulate hair growth. Specialist in hair transplant industry has observed an increase in the services, particularly in metropolitan where the air quality is deteriorated the most. To protect the hair from air pollution, wearing a hat and hydrate the hair is the key to protect the hair from further damage. Covering the hair and scalp can protect it from any toxic airborne particles whereas hydrating mask can moisturize and strengthen hair’s natural hydro-lipid layer which is disrupted from the environmental factors.

Air pollution leads to skin damage. Pollutants deplete natural-occurring antioxidants (vitamin c and vitamin e) on the skin. Free radicals (an atom or molecules with an unpaired electron) damage cellular DNA, fat cells and proteins on the surface of the skin. The good bacteria on the skin is off-balance and the skin barrier is impaired. Inflammation of skin occurs and skin problems for example, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis arouse. To protect the skin from pollution, first we must cleanse our face gently to remove impurities and excess oil on the skin. Then, apply a good and suitable moisturizer to hydrate the skin. During the day, apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30 generously on skin and reapply every 2 hours to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiations. Antioxidants can be applied on face to prevent premature aging.

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