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Air Asia

A. Late Submission A 10% deduction per day of total coursework marks (excluding weekends and public holidays). Late submission between 5 to 10 days, results in a 50% deduction of total coursework marks. Late submission past 10 days results in an automatic 0% for coursework and the student will be barred from the final examination. B. Deliverables Students must submit all materials supporting their coursework listed in the deliverable section. The coursework must be done individually and must be entirely your own work. Please make sure that you are aware of the rules concerning plagiarism.

If you are unclear about them, please consult your program coordinator/lecturer. The coursework should exhibit formal research skills i. e. with a table of content, proper citations, references, and appendices. The coursework write up must be able to demonstrate critical analysis and application of both theory and practical issues to the company that you have selected. Student may include additional relevant data/information apart from the proposed guidelines in conjunction to your research. Additional marks will be awarded for such attempt.

A CD containing the softcopy version of your coursework should be submitted as well (if required). BACHELOR OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (HONS) & BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTING (HONS) COURSEWORK – QUESTIONS Choose one of the strategic change and management framework highlighted below and critically analyze and evaluate with supporting examples. PEST Analysis Porter’s 5 Forces Porter’s Value Chain Your report should attempt the following tasks: a) Discussion of the principles underlying the framework. b) A critical evaluation on the application of the framework in actual business context.

c) Relating the framework to an organization of your choice. Your report should include: Cover Page Grading Scheme Executive Summary Table of Content Questions (a) & (c) List of References/Bibliography Appendices (if relevant) BACHELOR OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (HONS) Guidelines (1) Your mark in this coursework will carry a 25% weight in the assessment of your overall performance in this module. (2) You will be working on this coursework individually. (3) The assignment will be in a report format of not more than 1,500 words. (4) Appropriate APA referencing system will be employed where applicable.

(5) Your assignment should be type written, 1 ? line spaced, font 12 Times New Roman and justify aligned. Please staple and do not comb bind. (6) Please provide an executive summary, table of content, page number, proper heading title for each part answered and references. (7) Use an appropriate cover sheet. (8) Please attach a copy of the grading scheme at the front of your coursework (after the Cover Page) during submission. (9) The assignment will be submitted on 25th October 2012 (Thursday) in class. Assignment of Grades for Written Work

Written assignments will be graded according to the following distribution: 70%: Content (thoroughness of preparation, information, and content) 20%: Style (grammar, writing quality, clarity of writing at the sentence level) 10%: Presentation (organization, clarity of writing at the paper level) What this means in practice is that if you do the work, but don’t organize your thoughts or write clearly, you will end with at most a B. However, you will not be given full credit for content if the lecturer cannot understand what you’re saying, so if you don’t write clearly, you will probably end up losing points on content as well.

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (HONS) Academic Dishonesty As stated in the faculty Handbook, cheating, including plagiarism will not be tolerated. All written work, including paper summaries, must be your own work. If you wish to quote a source, you must do so explicitly, and with proper attribution. Any work that does not meet the requirements set out above will be treated as a violation of the academic honesty policy for the class, and dealt with accordingly.

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