Aims of Project Essay

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Aims of Project

My business is going to be product based due to the fact that by unique selling point is Halal food being sold in my van, therefore when coming up with my marketing aims I would make sure that the it’s a product orientated business. Marketing Aims Four P’s Product- My product is my unique selling point therefore I will concentrate in this area more than any other part of my business in order for it to be successful amongst my customers. Price- The price of my product will depend on the competition I have, judging by other similar products being sold in other burger shops I will set my own price accordingly.

I will also take into consideration my market share. Place- the place where I sell my product will be very important because it will either boost my sale figures or decrease them because location is vital especially if you are a small business. I will make sure it is a location where my van can be seen from a long distance so I can attract customers who otherwise will not see my van and walk away. Promotion- this is obviously crucial because my brand is unknown and I have to make it known to the public that I do exist and that I am here.

However, this is very costly and I would have to make sure that I have enough money in my budget for promotional purposes. Example of Promotion As I am a small business I cannot afford to put an advert on TV, it would cost too much. I will be conducting promotions such as posters, leaflets and newspaper adverts. These methods are arguably not as successful as a TV advert however; they are cheaper which means that it is economically viable for my business.

Production Aims Loan I checked out numerous banks and their rates and I found this to be the best rate (see appendices). 6. 8% APR typical on loans between i?? 1,000 and i?? 25,000. I would be taking a loan of 15 thousand, which will be paid in 5 years this would cover all my costs for a year. Job Production Job Production is used to refer to when a product is produced with the labor of one worker and this is the method I will implement in my business.

Job production is scarcely used for bulk and large scale production and mainly used for one off products or prototypes, as it is inefficient; however, quality is greatly enhanced with job production compared to other methods. New, small, firms often use job production, before they get chance to expand. Job Production is usually motivating for workers, because it gives the workers an opportunity to produce the whole product and take pride in it.

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