Aims And Objectives Essay

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Aims And Objectives

Aim:To create a marketing plan to acquire new customers; primarily students and increase market share. Pamper Me has a large client base but is lacking student consumers. This marketing plan will offer marketing objectives and strategies in order to increase this market share. Pamper Me is not situated on a ‘regular walk to university’ so innovative and strategic recommendations will be required for successful delivery.

Research and analyse the current customer base to determine the student : non-student ratio
Research will be carried out via interviews with current employees and questionnaires to potential customers Discover student salon-usage trends, with regards to amount of students as a percentage of the whole, and their salon preferences

Once the questionnaires have been completed the data will be collated and analysed. This acquired primary data will give us an insight student trends and insight into the most effective marketing strategy Research/Discover from students, what their wants/needs are from a salon

Pamper Me may not currently be meeting the needs of the desired student consumers. Collated data from primary and secondary research will advise us on how to increase the number of students using this salon Define main competitors to the business and map out their market & physical positioning

Primary and Secondary research will be carried out in the area surrounding Pamper Me in order to locate the competition. The marketing plan may suggest to mirror competitor strategies if these seem to increasing the student percentage of consumers. Analyse current marketing strategies with a view to creating a new and improved strategy

Current marketing strategies in place by Amara may not be sufficent or beneficial to Pamper Me. A new approach may be needed and it is vital that all employees understand the new strategies once they are in place. To create or identify a Unique Selling Point (USP) for the business based on their expertise and specialties

Currently Pamper Me’s USP is that it provides private and noninvasive treatment rooms for religious women. This isn’t widely know by the community so a recommendation must be suggesting in order to increase the awareness of this. Religious students may not know that there is a salon the adheres to their faithful rules. Implement a marketing strategy that can inform and attract students to the salon

We must research and analyses what inspires students to spend money on beauty treatments. As students don’t have a high level of disposable income it is important to implement a marketing plan that is constructive and beneficial for students.

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