My brother is monster

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“AHHHHHH! Mum! He’s stealing my food! Go away, you monster!”

This creature is no ordinary animal. Its jaws are so big it can swallow a bird in one gulp. Its teeth are so sharp they rival those of wolves and its claws are so sharp, with one swipe, they can scar you for life. Those claws are carrying the monster’s long legs towards me, galloping on the fresh, green grass of St. Albert’s Park. This animal has already eaten my sandwich.

What is he going to do next, eat my mud cake, or drink my orange juice? Or perhaps, will it kill me and feed off my flesh? As if hearing my thoughts, the monster turns towards me, staring me down with those beady black eyes of his.

“Calm down Sophie, don’t be such a drama queen. I’ll get you another sandwich, and don’t call your brother a monster.”

That monster that just ate my sandwich is my twin brother, Josh.

At first, when I realised that he was my twin, I was ecstatic. I thought that twins were supposed to have some psychic power, and can read each other minds. Now, I’m not so sure I want a brother, let alone a twin brother. Josh and I can’t be any more different. We listen to different music, enjoy doing different activities, hang out with different friend groups The list can go on forever. However, none of that angers me as much as his attitude.

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His carefree, relaxed, I’ll-do-it-tomorrow attitude. Josh doesn’t care about anything and never tries his best at anything he does, except his music. You know how everyone has a thing, something they’re good at? Well, Josh’s thing is music. Songs, lyrics and melodies come so naturally to him but me? I like writing stories, especially fantasies, hence my dramatic attitude.

I like stories because it’s like you’re in your own world, where everything is how you want it and you can create a place where you just fit in. Stories are the opposite of school. I don’t have a problem with the actual school work and teachers, it’s the students that I don’t enjoy being in the presence of. At school, it doesn’t matter if you’re smart or nice or kind. In fact, it’s like the meaner you are, the “cooler” you are. I thought that was going to end when I leave primary school and move to a new high school but I could not have been more wrong. Year 7 was a nightmare. People hated me because of my appearance, my grades and who knows what else. Josh was the opposite. Everyone at school loves him. Maybe it’s because of the fact that he’s always so relaxed, or maybe because he doesn’t really care about anything. Whatever it is, it makes people fall head over heels with him.

I think that’s where our problem started. Josh was the popular kid and I was the nerd. The thing is, if Josh had stood up for me that day we would probably have still had a pleasant relationship, but he didn’t.

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