Agreed Ways of Working Essay

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Agreed Ways of Working

Agreed ways of working is following the companies’ policy and procedures within the care plan given to each service user and care plans within The Manor. The policies and procedures document will give you all the information you need to know within your role and place of work, it explains how you should do your job, for example it translates policies into working practice such as a manual handling procedure will tell you how to undertake a risk assessment and will cover all the stages of the process. It’s care workers duty of care to keep service users safe by following policies and procedures and working within their job role.

The Importance of Having Full and Up-To Date Details of The Agreed Ways of Working: You are required by law to ensure that policies and procedures in your work place are followed correctly; it is your legal responsibility to do so by a number of laws and regulations that govern practice in the workplace which include, The Health and Safety at Work Act, The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations and The Date Protection Act. They should be updated during supervisions and staff meetings and social care workers should make themselves familiar with the policies and procedures provided as they are updated.

Why It Is Important That The Social Care Workers Follow Guidance About The Limits Of Their Job Role:

It is important that the social care workers follow the guidance about the limits of their job role to ensure the safety of all concerned such as the social care worker themselves, colleagues and others at all times within your work role. Safeguarding the individual from any harm or/and abusive situations to protect the individual. Ensure that you have been trained to the right level of standards that your clients need so that they receive the best possible care whilst in your care to suit their needs.

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