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Aggressive tone

“ I don’t understand what people are thinking. I’ve done everything in my power to combat this growing problem,” Michael asserts in an aggressive tone. “I’ve spent thousands of dollars to convert my home from electricity to solar energy. I’ve spent even more to buy a hybrid car for my wife and myself. I’ve spent all the money that I have in my bank account just to ensure that my kids will have a future and no one cares. The government is what runs this country. When the government says jump, we say how high. They have that effect on people.

If they would implement something that everyone had to follow, we wouldn’t have let things come this far. I mean the earth is a gift and we’re destroying it. We didn’t ask to be alive on this planet, but somehow it happened if not by God then by something and it’s a wonderful thing to experience, but how can my kids and other people’s kids be apart of something so special if no one is doing anything to control the damage that we’re doing! ” Michael sobbed aloud. “I hate to cry about this but I’m man enough to say that I’ve made a mistake and that I’m doing everything in my power to fix it, then why can’t everyone else?

” Michael Hart, a 36 year old investment banker stands proud at an Earth Day awareness rally during Earth Week this April. He has attributed much of his time to spread the awareness about global warming and admits that he can get a little emotional about the issue. “I’m crying because its out of my hands and I hate that I’m not in control of the way things are run at this time, but I’m doing the best that I can to rally others,” Michael says as tears stream down his face. Michael is not the only person who frequently worries about the future of our environment.

20 year old Joshua Lewis has also rallied many of his work colleagues to opt for carpooling instead of taking individual car rides to work. Additionally, he also purchases only “green products”, which are products that contain environmentally friendly agents. “I have an open mind and I believe that people are doing things to hurt our planet. I believe that if everyone did the little things, that maybe things wouldn’t be happening so quickly, but what can I do? I’m only small person in this big world,” Joshua attests as he laxly stares at the climbing numbers on the gas pump.

Many experts disagree to the alarming headlines strewn throughout newspapers and journals, disregarding global warming as a natural occurrence over-exaggerated as a media hoax, whilst some aggressively forewarn of irreversible consequences based upon the current warming trend. Although global warming is the result of a naturally occurring process, the release of anthropogenic greenhouse gases is causing an acceleration of the current state of global warming that will irreversibly alter the world’s climate.

Global warming is defined as the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere , thus causing a break down of a major atmospheric component, the ozone layer, ultimately allows an overaggressive penetration of the suns heat (Global Warming). Overtime, this penetration of the suns rays onto the earth have caused a significant increase in the melting rate of major ice shelves across the artic. The flow of melted glaciers and artic shelves will increase the overall global water proportion, which will result in elevated sea levels.

These increases in sea levels will consequentially flood many costal cities and possibly cause irreversible global damage, thus threatening all existing life on earth. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, naturally exist in the atmosphere. In fact, people and trees exert carbon dioxide as part of natural breathing. However, carbon dioxide in excess causes the breakdown in the earth’s atmospheric protector, ozone, as we are witnessing today as part of the most recent global warming trend.

Many skeptics disagree that global warming is an occurring result of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, nevertheless, valid scientific evidence has corroborated an intensified global warming trend that will continue and irreversibly alter the world’s global state. Global warming is measured through the earth’s surface temperature over a non-varying period of time. Greenhouse gases which are potentially harmful to the environment, are simultaneously essential to life on earth. Without greenhouse gases, planet earth would not allow pertinent solar activity to remain in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are essential because of their ability to trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere, thus enabling us to experience warmth that the sun provides (Dennis Behreandt 10). Anthropogenic greenhouses gases are those of which are caused under human influence. For instance, although carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the environment, the escalated levels of carbon dioxide gases that are evaporated due to burning, such as those in the gasoline in cars, do not occur naturally.

Additionally, carbon dioxide vapors that are excreted as the result of burning coal that produces the vast majority of electricity are also not naturally occurring elements. Although greenhouse gasses will always remain essential to environmental existence, majority of Global warming has been recognized by the scientific world as early as the 1940s. During a period of 1940 to 1990, an elevated burning of fossil fuels including coal, oil, and natural gas prompted an alert for a regulation that would monitor each country’s emission output into the environment (Jack Hollander 63).

Presently, atmospheric carbon dioxide has risen approximately 35 percent since the beginning of industrialization while methane tops an enormous 155 percent increase ( Bob Doppelt). The Kyoto protocol adapted in 1997, prompted to normalize the use of greenhouse gas emissions (Bradnee Chambers). Despite the Kyoto protocol’s prophylactic approach to preventing more ozone damage by way of emission reduction, it has thus remained opposite of its intended goal. The United Nations once offered

Moreover, extreme weather and increased heating throughout the globe, consisting of many of the Arctic’s glaciers are beginning to slough off into the oceans which consequentially will flood costal cities based upon the increase in ocean depths. Out of 150 glaciers that once stood in Montana’s Glacier Park, only 35 are still standing. Additionally, Mount Kilimanjaro’s ice-capped peaks are slowing becoming bare mountainous rock. The gigantic Larson B Ice Shelf broke lost a 1200 square mile of ice in March of 2002 causing a massive overflow of glaciers into the sea (Paul Rauber 28).

While this portion of the shelf will not instigate a rise in sea level, ultimately, those glaciers will melt, thus increasing sea levels across the Northern Hemisphere. Whilst these areas of the world are exerting problematic features of what the future may hold for the world, The Greenland Glacier has become the most area of concern, losing more than 12 square feet per year as a result of the global warming crisis. The cause of the melting glaciers can be attributed to the increase of anthropogenic greenhouse gases which have increased by one third in the last 30 years.

Despite refutes against anthropogenic greenhouse gases, the Kyoto Protocol, currently in tandem with over 150 current countries registered under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to regulate each enlisted country’s greenhouse gas emissions, have not been proved to be successful notwithstanding recent amendments. The very employed methods used to reduce greenhouse emissions negatively affected world markets based intertwined within the trading world.

Gary Simpson contests that they will affect the costs of production of traded goods and therefore the competitive position of producers in the world market. Offsetting measures will be called for by those whose competitive position is adversely affected by cheaper imports not subject to the same measures in the country of origin. Measures such as these may well raise complex questions with respect to WTO consistency and the conditions under which border taxes, for example, can be adjusted to accommodate a loss of international competitiveness.

Similarly, enforcement mechanisms that could legitimize discrimination between products in international trade because of the manner in which they were produced in other countries touches on one of the fundamental principles of the WTO (71). With so many regulations regarding gas output into the atmosphere the world’s trading market will forever remain unstable. With increasing global temperatures each year, several amendments to the protocol will require additional adjustments to counterbalance emission output with each country’s trading capabilities, thus forever straining the trading market.

Additionally, of the 150 countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol, only the developing countries have been targeted as environmental threats, consequently causing the excretion of more greenhouse gas emissions with deforestization, vehicle usage, and industrialization. Under the protocol, countries such as the United States are left with threatened economies without as portions of the congress disagree with the ethical aspects of the protocol which have been deemed as a temporary illusion without definite solutions ( Charles W. Schmidt).

Despite overwhelming evidence corroborating the influence of an escalated global warming trend as the result of the human activity, many scientists refute the theory with pervious global warming trends that support a natural increase and decrease in the earth‘s temperature. It has been thought that humans were primarily responsible for the accelerated increase in global temperatures as a result of increased burning of fossil fuels, however, global warming periods dating back thousands of years support a more natural occurrence of the earth‘s ability to warm itself.

According to scientists on National Geographic’s Natural Earth program, global warming is not fairly new to mother earth. Shallow sea corral, specifically those nestling in the Caribbean ocean, are the primary determinants of rises and drops in sea levels that can be dated back to thousands of years. Rises in sea levels can be attributed to global warming, causing melting of glaciers and artic ice shelves which would cause an ocean depth increase, while shallow waters indicate a global cooling period, causing a decrease in sea depths.

After a deep study of coral in the Caribbean ocean, it can be determined that sea levels over 10,000 years ago were higher than those today. Shallow sea coral cannot survive under too high or too shallow water conditions. When opened and studied, it can be determined that over 10,000 years ago, the most inner portions of the coral had once been killed off because water that was too high for the coral to survive, which can be attributed to a rise in sea levels. A rise in sea levels can only be attributed to a previous global warming.

This can also be corroborated through a study of coral that was found in Florida’s costal cities. A 20 ft portion of coral that was first thought to be a sort of rock, was later determined to be coral. As stated earlier, coral can only be found in shallow waters, therefore it was concluded that these corals existed because of a presence of shallow water. A recent theory that has been adapted by an elite few scientists asserts the theory of global temperature increase and cooling periods that date back thousands of years.

The global warming and cooling trend happens approximately every 10,000 years when the orbit around the sun changes from a circular form to an elliptical shape. The elliptical orbit has been estimated to occur approximately 10,000 year which has been linked to the global warming trend that simultaneously occurs. Furthermore, a report concluded by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate has reported an increase in the earth’s temperature of . 04 to 0. 8 degrees Celsius in the past century, with a projected increase in global temperatures to 1. 4 to 5.

8 degrees Celsius by the year 2100 (All About Global). Conversely, many scientists disagree with various figures that support a global warming trend by way of human activities. Corresponding evidence can come from previous heightened temperatures from the 1980s and 1990s. From 1940 to 1980, a very rapid increase in the burning of fossil fuels prompted the largest excretion of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere, however, based upon current global warming data, temperatures should have increased due to the elevated carbon dioxide flow, but it did not (Jack Hollander 63)..

In fact, temperatures during this period reached a cooling point instead of the reverse. Consequentially, from the 1980 to the present, there have not been any significant warming or cooling trends, and while the earth’s surface temperature has risen slightly, the earth’s atmospheric temperature has not risen at all. Scientists explain the earth’s decrease of surface temperature can be attributed to the steady increase in industrialization in more urban cities, which thus create hot zones where productivity is in its prime.

Furthermore, the earth’s atmospheric lack of increase in atmospheric temperature can be accredited via volcanic activity which has blocked the sun in some portions of the world, which has caused stability in atmospheric temperatures, thus remaining unchanged. Nevertheless, scientists on both sides concur with the theory of hazardous global warming that affects the environment. With the earth warming at a rate of about 1 degree per century, the rapid increase of global temperature will result in agricultural devastation and animal habitat.

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