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Ageing Essays

The Top 15 Ageing Topics

Problems of ageing worry humanity from ancient times, interweaving with a wider problem of life and longevity. Reducing the age of physical abilities of a person is compensated by the accumulated professional skills, knowledge, experience, skills, acquired throughout life.

First type of people capture signs of old age, trying to isolate themselves, retire, contrary to their own desires and interests. The second are trying to emphasize their activity, doing everything on an equal footing with the young, taking on new affairs, carry a huge burden and, the most important, keep their young soul. The third ones are trying to do everything that failed in youth. The fourth ones are doing something that exaggerate their old age, avoiding the solution of some important issues. And the last type perceive critically young generation and all new changes in the surrounding life constantly in an angry mood. And somebody feels their life to be completely unsuccessful, they are tormented by the realization of what they have achieved in life, that nothing special awaits them in the future. As far as you can see, there are a lot of good essay topics based on ageing. You can use some argumentative essay examples, but we recommend you to take a look on the best persuasive essay topics:

  1. Old age as the final phase in human development, the last stage of development.
  2. Aging as an irreversible process. The body is getting old, and the soul does not want to get old.
  3. Almost every person wants to stay young and beautiful till the end of life.
  4. You can judge about public health according to its relation to the elderly.
  5. The successes of medicine and the improvement of living standards have allowed to significantly increase the average life expectancy (although the changes in maximum life expectancy are negligible).
  6. How not to get old?
  7. Gerontology as a science, which explores not only physiological changes, but the place of elderly people in society.
  8. A person in the old age is characterized by greater vulnerability to diseases, many of which are associated with a decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system.
  9. Ageing as a risk factor for disease.
  10. Social and economic issues related to aging.
  11. Old age is the best age for relaxation.
  12. Pros and cons of plastic surgeries.
  13. The physiology of the aging process is similar to the physiology of aging of other mammals, but some aspects of this process, such as loss of mental abilities, are more important for humans.
  14. Is there an elixir of youth?
  15. The main principles of not getting old.

Choose something that has caught your eye and create your masterpiece. Keep in mind, that older people react differently to changes that have taken place with age. Their reaction depends on the individual qualities of the person, on the characteristics of his character, on the principles and values, on how a person looks at his environment and life in general.

Speech on Mandatory Yearly Driving Tests for Those Over 65

Today I will be talking to you about elderly drivers and mandatory yearly driving tests for those over 65. Have you ever been driving to wor...

Old Age Home

Abstract The elderly population is rising globally and similar trends are being observed not only in Asia but also in Pakistan. A developin...

Aging and Disability Worksheet

Part I Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population. 1.Employment discrimination 2. Poverty 3. Inadequate care Answer the follo...

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Older people in the society

According to Roberts (1970) older people are the whole of a generation who have survived to a certain age. They are not a deviant group or o...

Successful Aging

According to a website I found online, the first line reads "If I'm alive, I'm successful!” This technically means that you are successful b...

Aging with Spirituality: A Review of the Literatu

Aging with Spirituality: A Review of the Literature Sherry A. Tattersall South University Tampa Abstract The intention of this subject i...

Late Adulthood Paper

People over the age of 65 have gone through a life of changes. He or she starts off as a young baby. He or she then develops into a growing ...

A need for old age homes in modern times

It’s a shameful state of affairs that there has arisen a need for old age homes in modern times. Why do we need these homes? Why are we cons...

The elderly people

We live in an ageing society where people are living longer and the balance of life is changing. For the first time there are more people ag...

Activity and Disengagement Theory and Care Provision

During the ageing process, the elderly can belong to either the activity theory or the disengagement theory. There are many services that ca...

Human life development

Introduction Growth refers to an increase in size, such as changes in an individual’s body for example size, weight, height and shape. Deve...

Elderly need care, not neglect and indifference

PHYSICALLY, the elderly are not longer as able and agile as the young. To most old people, walking can be an ordeal – and crossing the road...

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Using the four psychological levels of explanation to describe the life of Benjamin Button The short story of Bemjamin Button by F. Scott F...

The elderly as a burden

Introduction General Statement There is a perception in society that the elderly are a burden because some of the elderly might not have p...

Physically old but young in mind

“Physically old but young in mind” Late adulthood is a developmental stage where senior citizens belong. It is the period beginning in the ...

Aging and Disability Worksheet

Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population. 1 Unequal treatment in employment - Poverty 2 Face prejudice and discrimination - Ag...

Changes in Aging

Biologic changes: "Health in the later years is an accumulated product of your life before," says geriatrician Dr Denise Eldemire Shearer. "...

Aging worksheet

Part I Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population. 1.Older adults experience unequal treatment in employment and may face prejud...

Advantage of being the oldest sibling

Many kids say that being the last child is the best because you get everything you want. Well not me I believe that being the oldest child h...

Health & Aging among Baby Boomers

Post WWI era babies (around 1946) until a marked slow in the birth rate of children (around 1964) were termed “Baby Boomers.” In time, these...

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's disease is a neurological disorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline. A neurodegenerati...

Later Adulthood Development

During our life time it is inevitable that we will grow older. People 65 an older are living longer lives. This age group has been increasin...

Sample Outline of Persuasive Speech

The Situation. As a project for a community education class, you decide to work with the recreation and education center at a local elderly ...

Old Age Problem

The elderly population in India is continuously increasing and also the problems faced by these people are increasing simultaneously. The nu...

Does age matter in reltionships

Relationships shape our lives. People can fall in love without considering nothing at that time. When it comes to the age, sometimes no matt...

Demi Lovato Life Factors

BULLYING An example of an environmental factor that has affected demi Lovato is bullying. Bullying is treating someone in a way that has t...

“The Bath” by Janet Frames

The Tribulations of Old Age We often entertain this romantic and sentimental assumption that old age is a time of peace and happiness after ...

Biopsychosocial Analysis of Maria Andrade

Maria Andrade is 79 years old. She came to America as a Cuban refugee at the age of 20. She was raised by her grandparents in Cuba. She bega...

“Growing Old” – a Poem by Matthew Arnold

What is it to grow old? Is it to lose the glory of the form, The lustre of the eye? Is it for beauty to forego her wreath? Yes, but not ...

Community Health Advocacy Project

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS [2009]), says that for every dollar used in health care, less than $0.03 is spent in health ...


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