Against legalizing gay marriage Essay

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Against legalizing gay marriage

Whenever there is debate on gay marriage it involves social as well as legal arguments and it can be for or against the topic of legalizing gay marriage. If people are asked about equality of basic rights to gays like that of protection in law or owning property or benefits from the government, almost three fourth of the population will favor the suggestion. But as soon as the same set of people are asked about gay marriage, only one third out of them might agree with it. There are many pre-occupied thoughts that prevail in the minds of people in the society about gays.

The first and the foremost thing is that marriage is a tradition in which a man is legally bound to a woman and is responsible for the development and security of the family as well as the society too. If gay marriages were allowed there would be no meaning to this holy institution and it is not in the best interests for the development of children, as they will be deprived of either the father or mother. As far as equal rights are concerned gays too have all rights that common residents of the state has and they can marry the person of opposite sex just as anyone marries.

But sking for legalization of gay marriages is something extra because they would like to marry the person of the same sex, which is only based on sexual relationship. Marriage is a holy institution and the tradition followed is not because the base of marriage is only sexual relationship but the whole lot of responsibilities is shared right from bringing up children and giving them healthy environment to grow and become a good human being. Gay marriage would weaken this respect for marriage as an institution and would also change the real definition of marriage.

From time immemorial, studies show that marriage has helped people become stronger emotionally, financially, and psychologically and most of the time medically too. If gay marriages were legalized the traditional values of the families would be weakened and they are very important for the proper development of the society. Marriage is considered as the building block of our society with families involving man, woman and children in each. It is well said that lovers as well as friends come and go but family stands for anyone in any circumstances.

The reason behind the deterioration of ulture and values is the weakening of today’s family bonding. If ‘another’ type of family is introduced in the society through gay marriages, it will make the situation even worse. It is going to create significant and long term damage to culture and society. Marriage is an honorable institute that complete, support and encourage one another in a bond that is invisible. Almost every religion is not in favor of homosexuality and most of them consider gay marriage as a sin.

Many scholars are of the opinion that gay marriage would give way to polygamy and extra marital relationships and then it would be very difficult o save and bind the society into specific values and rules regarding relationships especially sex. The kids today have become extrovert and frank and at the same time they don’t hesitate to agree with the fact that they are homosexual or bisexual. If gay marriage were legalized its consequences would be very deteriorating for the society and there would be massive repercussions.

The consequences of these marriages would be in the upbringing of children and the future generation would be huge sufferers. Now, the existing marriage and system of law that help to get divorce easily has already pulled down the institution f marriage. It is the undeniable interest of the countries to put it on the right path, which will not be possible if gay marriage was legalized. There is another point that should be taken care of and that is the scientific and logical perspective.

While talking about marriages and relationship, society as well as science does not accept and conclude that incest is safe and that is the reason why intermarriage of family members are prohibited. Also polygamy is not good for the health of the family and society as a whole and that is why Muslims and Mormons are restricted in many ountries to marry more than one compliant adult without divorcing the existing one. So we see that there are reasons behind all relationships and rules to follow in the institute of marriage so that a healthy society is built up.

As far as gay marriage is concerned, never in the history we find that gays have achieved marital status or it is good and for the welfare of the society for any convincing reason and so it is not so easy to shred the tradition of society. Social scientists are seriously concerned about the development of children as well as society and are worried about the fractured family that the children of today are getting. If this continues and autonomous people marry and remarry or have relationships outside marriage, children will be the utmost sufferers.

If in this condition gay marriage is legalized, everyone is going to care for themselves and no one will take the responsibility of the future generation and society as well. Marriage ties two people together and along with them future and past generation are also attached. It is an institution that teaches carrying along responsibilities and selflessness, which further helps build a society with strong and successful values and culture. Gay marriage would only lead to society with eople who care for their interests and these kinds of people never consider the development of society or believe in traditional values and culture.

People will start doing what they like and this will give rise to cases of polygamy and may be give rise to pedophiles or zoophiles too. It has never been an issue to legalize gay marriage in history until recently. But for the overall development of society and to save our real values and culture and above all save the future generation from getting selfish motives to lead life. Children would be deprived of either father or mother and their development would definitely hamper.

The couples would not be able to teach their children commitment and bonding of love and responsibility towards family and society. Marriage is also considered sacred in most religions and a step towards God as well as to perform duties, which are answerable to God too. The married couple has to carry out certain responsibilities and follow the rules of society because after all ‘man is a social animal’ and no one can be sufficient on his own. Homosexual relationships have nothing to do with the propagation of society and they would not serve the society in state interest.

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