After the Neolithic Revolution Essay

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After the Neolithic Revolution

After the Neolithic Revolution, civilizations began to form around art, religion, social structure, government, and writing. For example the earliest civilization was Samaria. Samaria helped us form a lot of the things we use today. The second civilization was the Indus River Valley. The Indus River Valley is now modern day Pakistan. The third and final civilization is the Israelites. The Israelites were different because their religion is the bases for all their laws and culture. There are many similarities and differences to these civilizations.

First are the differences. One difference between these civilizations is the religion. The Israelites have a very unique religion. Their religion is monotheistic. This religion is when you believe only in one god. This is now known as Judaism. The rest of the civilizations had a polytheistic religion. Polytheistic religion is the belief of many gods. The second difference is the writing. The writing for the Indus River Valley was pictographs. Pictographs were very hard to make and look like they took a lot of skill. The writing for the Israelites was Hieroglyphics.

These writings were very hard to read and have not yet been figured out. The third difference of these civilizations was the art. The art for the Indus River Valley was bronze weapons, artwork, and silk. Some of the similarities are the geography. All of these civilizations are located next to rivers. These rivers are common in every civilization. A lot of civilizations are located next to rivers for many reasons. When a river floods it brings fertilized soil to all there land which helps grow fresh fruits and veggies.

Another reason is because of transportation and food. Another similarity is that they both have some kind of ruler. For The Indus River Valley, there ruler was an emperor handed down to their sons. For the Israelites, the ruler was a god or a priest. Even though all these civilizations are very different, they all use basic rules about art, religion, and much more. As I showed here, all these civilizations have many similarities and differences. All civilizations are different and similar in some ways.

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