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After reviewing the IC3 website and topics I have learned that it

Paper type: Review
Pages: 2 (445 words)
Categories: Computer,Computer Software,Software,Technology
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After reviewing the IC3 website and topics, I have learned that it can help me meet the digital concepts and skills that are required at almost any school or career pathway. I have not yet decided on what specific type of major or career I want to go into but, the three main topics that the IC3 tests on which are computing fundamentals, key applications, and living online would be beneficial for me in all aspects of my life. Computing fundamentals which cover subjects such as computer hardware, device peripherals, and troubleshooting would be of great help in my personal life.

This would teach me about the types of computers, standard web applications, standard communication applications, etc. Key applications which cover subjects such as methods of navigating and using database applications, functions needed to operate a spreadsheet program, etc. Would be helpful to me because these are common programs that are used currently in college and most likely in the workforce in almost any career.

Living online which covers more broad subjects such as understanding how computers connect to communication network and the internet, knowledge of computing and the internet on society, etc. Would be helpful to me because it would help me understand the basics of computers, how they affect society, and how to evaluate information.

As an average computer user and after skimming through the textbook, I feel that it will help me answer the questions I have always had regarding computer use and programs that I may not be too familiar with. One of the main questions and concerns I have regarding computers is how can I better protect my identity, digital data, and devices because I know that it can be very easy for someone to steal your identity and hack or destroy your belongings online. Information regarding these questions can be found in chapter 9. Another thing I want to get better at is to learn more about the different computer programs. Some of the different programs in chapter 4 that I have briefly read about were application software, system software, and distributing software. These software’s are the different parts of a computer that help make it run. I feel that it is very important to learn about how a computer works because if the computer was to stop running, I would be more likely to know what is wrong with it and I could possibly fix it myself. Overall, I feel there are many other questions and concerns I have regarding computers, but I feel that these are the ones that have interested me the most and will help me become more digitally literate.

I look forward to CIS 120,

Andrew Nakashima

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