After Reading The Road Not Taken Essay

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After Reading The Road Not Taken

Introduction Within works of literature, often times the most valuable part of the work is not that which is readily apparent after a quick reading of the work; the true gems to be found within literature are those which are only discovered after a thorough study of the work and a deep consideration of what the author is really trying to convey to a reader, or perhaps conclusions that readers can draw on their own through the use of their imagination and interpretation.

With all of this in mind, Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken will be the focus of this research. Why This Work was Chosen There are several reasons why this work was chosen as the focus of the research; first, even when the work is quickly read and taken just at face value, as was earlier discussed, the words flow beautifully and make the mind of the reader travel, just as the narrator of the work seems to do.

When Frost uses such adjectives as “yellow”, “grassy” and the like, one feels peaceful and calm. On the other hand, just as this work reveals certain elements to the reader from the first reading, closer review and consideration drives the imagination of the reader to create other reactions and conclusions about the work, and perhaps that is the best thing that any work can do-to inspire the reader to a higher level of thought, emotion and belief.

With all of this in mind, it is now possible to discuss reactions to Frost’s work which makes all of these points much clearer. Reactions to the Work Simply put, the first reaction that came about through a study of The Road Not Taken is one of excitement for the limitless opportunities open to human beings as indicated by Frost.

When Frost wrote: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference” (Frost, 1930, p. 131), what he appears to be saying is that by taking on those challenges and directions in life that other cannot or will not take on in fact can strengthen the individual and give them a deeper and more meaningful life. Additionally, this work has also come across as a highly inspirational one, as it tells the reader that they can be or do anything they choose- representation of the ultimate level of freedom. Conclusion As this research moves toward its conclusion, there are a few key points that deserve repeating.

First, this research has shown that through the talents of skilled authors, words can in fact be put into sentences and phrases which transport the reader to another place and state of emotion. In this way, people are able to be enhanced and changed by reading, and experiencing, given works of literature. Second, while many works are captivating and enlightening from the first reading of them, the more and more that they are read and more deeply studied, there are new attributes which come to the surface.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, literature proves that the human experience is not something which reaches a certain level or age and is considered complete; rather, it is a constantly changing and ongoing phenomenon which is enriched through things such as literature which expand the mind, broaden the imagination, and soothe the soul of readers. These conclusions came to mind as a result of studying The Road Not Taken and only prove, once again, that choosing this work to research was an excellent idea. References Frost, R. (1930). Collected Poems of Robert Frost. New York: Henry Holt.

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