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After months of paperwork, approvals and visas Mason and his wife Lady Mason arrived in Miami after years of poverty in Cuba. Mason had always dreamed about moving to America and becoming rich, to truly give his wife the life she deserved. Mason believed that already arriving in America had made him rich because he would no longer have to beg just to get food on the table. Mason started off as a cleaner at a nearby motel but after three months he found himself living like he did in Cuba.

Struggling to pay his rent and eating white rice and soup every night was driving him insane.

Whilst walking home from an agonising 14 hour shift, Mason saw a semi-conscious man who had obviously been severely beaten up, lying on the footpath. Feeling compassionate, Mason managed to help the man up and take him back to his apartment where Lady Mason gave him some tea and tended to his wounds.

“Why did you help me” The man asked, struggling to sit up

“I believe in paying it forward, if I help you with what you need, one day I might receive what I want.

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” Macbeth responded

“And what is it you seek, my friend.” The man asked inquisitively

“I want a job that will make me a rich man, I want to get out of this dump.” Mason instantly replied.

“Well as gratitude for taking me in and saving me, I will give you a job by my side. But it’s very dangerous and the risk is very high, have you got what it takes?”

Mason nodding as the man continued.

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“My name is Mac Duff, I work for the most powerful man in Miami, Duncan Escobar. We buy drugs from the Columbians and sell them to distributors on the streets.”

As soon as he heard the word ‘drug,’ Mason immediately had second thoughts, he didn’t want to end up in prison for the rest of his life or potentially risk himself being beat to a pulp like he found Mac, or even worse. But Lady Mason pushed him towards the offer and exclaimed:

“You promised you would give me a better life, didn’t you? You won’t get another chance like this to get rich. Do you really want to work another day at that forsaken motel?”

Mason agreed and Mac Duff left his phone number saying he will call him when he is needed. Weeks passed and Mason finally received a call from Mac Duff saying he needs to meet him at a nearby restaurant as soon as possible. When Mason arrived Mac Duff and two other people he hadn’t met before explained what they were going to do “We’re going the number 8F eighth floor of that apartment complex to buy two kilos of cocaine, if we’re not out in 15 minutes take this machine gun and go in and shoot up the place.”

Just like that they left, and Mason was left alone in the car quivering in fear in what he must do. He was no murderer, but knew if he didn’t follow through worse things could possibly happen. Mason counted the 900 seconds and prayed he wouldn’t have to go up there. When the time came, Mason grabbed the compact machine gun and entered the complex, terrified about what would happen. As he entered the apartment he saw the two unnamed henchman lying on the floor dead and heard shouting coming from the adjacent room. Mason bashed the door down and saw two of the dealers tying up Mac Duff and interrogating him about the location of the money. Almost instinctively Mason pulled the trigger and a stream of bullets shot into the torso of both the dealers, narrowly missing Mac Duff. He quickly untied his restrained friend and quickly left, retreating to the parked area.

“Basterds!” Mac Duff said “Should of known they would have tried to swindle me for money rather than give me the coke”

Both Mac Duff and Mason headed for Duncan Escobar’s mansion as this was a safe haven in case the cops or rogue dealers came after them. Duncan Escobar’s entire property was surrounded by 20 body guards amidst lush greenery and several pools. Mac Duff introduced Mason to Duncan and explained if it for wasn’t him, he’d be dead right now. As a reward, Duncan gave Mason $2000 in cash, four times his weekly pay at the motel just for a 30-minute job.

These jobs continued for a year, with Mason gradually increasing his wealth and power. He was able to buy a car, eat exquisite foods and dress in the finest clothes. Eventually becoming Duncan’s right hand man because of his trustworthiness. However, this still left Lady Mason unsatisfied, she wanted to live a life of extreme luxury and to be exuberantly handed anything she wanted. To accomplish Lady Mason started encouraging Mason to take out Duncan Escobar.

“If you truly want to be rich, you’d kill Duncan. When we arrived here you had so much ambition. You wouldn’t be the man I married if you don’t do this.” Jeered Lady Mason.

Mason didn’t want to kill Duncan but after days of tireless remarks and quips from his wife, he decided that he’ll do it. He knew this could be easily accomplished because Duncan trusted him.

One day, when Mason was going to a routine drug deal, he asked Duncan to come with him to discuss business as well as back up. Reluctantly, Duncan agreed and Mason pulled into a dark alley way, far away from any civilians. In almost an instant, Mason pulled out a pistol from the side of the car and shot Duncan in the head, blood shot out everywhere, all through the car and proceeded to shoot himself in the arm as well. He immediately returned to the mansion and told everyone a rival gang ambushed them and killed Duncan. Everyone believed the story except Mac Duff, who believed something else had happened.

Soon after, Mason took Duncan’s pace and was now in control of the whole drug operation. Six months passed and Mason’s luck seemed to be enduring. Mac Duff still had confidence that Mason killed Duncan, but had no proof. Mason had moved his wife to the mansion and was overjoyed with the amount of money at her disposal. Regularly going on extreme shopping sprees buying incomprehensible amounts of jewellery and clothing.

However, as the months went on Lady Mason had a plethora of nightmares about Mason killing Duncan. She felt responsible for his death and started having hallucinations, seeing Duncan’s bloody body just sitting there.

After weeks of this torment, Lady Mason hung herself on the pole across her four poster king bed, leaving only a note reading: “Mason I’m sorry, the guilt was too much. We shouldn’t have killed him.” Unknowingly to Mason at this time, Mac Duff found Lady Mason’s suicide note and immediately took it to the other henchman and dealers. This was all the evidence they needed to take out Mason.

Mason pulled up in his upmarket Cadillac and was surprised about the complete lack of security at mansion. As he entered through the large cedar doors he was met by the whole troop of Duncan’s subordinates. Mac Duff stood in front of holding a silenced pistol only whispering the word “traitor” before shooting twice in the chest.

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