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African American

Working with African American men as a counselor its necessary to have a strategic plan to be able to work around there ego. African American men in no way wants to feel belittled or not in control. African American men wants to play the “head of the household role”. According to this case study I would like to do role playing so both individuals can have a better understanding how the other feel. Majority of the therapy sessions would be role playing with some talk sessions.

I would like to play the mediator role in this specific case and give homework assignments to the couple. Given that I don’t see Sue as the issue the session would mostly be geared towards Jeremy. Given the Chinese culture I am more worried about how therapy will work for Jeremy. Chinese culture •Small numbers of close, lifelong friends who feel deeply obligated to give each other whatever help might seem required. •Relationships with other people involve reciprocal obligations.

•Avoid direct confrontation, open criticism, and controversial topics. •maintain harmony •Faith in personal relationships than in written rules and procedures for structuring interactions. Questions I would like to address 1. Prior to marriage how did Jeremy about an interracial child? 2. What has influenced Jeremy thinking on having a child? 3. Why has the dynamics of the relationship changed since Sue parents moved to the same city? 4.

Has Sue parents been an influence on their relationship? 5. Has Sue discussed her concerns to Jeremy about their marriage? 6. How was Jeremy and Sur relationship prior to marriage? 7. How does Jeremy family feel about his marriage? 8. Besides the issue with having a child, what other issues is the marriage facing? 9. Jeremy working more hours, is that optional or mandatory? 10. What are some of Jeremy concerns about having a bi-racial child?

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