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Furthermore, Budweiser’s mission is to pursue a long-term growth strategy by pursuing high consumption markets and attaining a firm market share among competitors. Budweiser has a strong brand name domestically, but for this particular region it will need to implement a penetration strategy. Also, Budweiser will focus on securing valuable distribution channels including pubs and supermarkets. The product positioning strategy reflects competitive pricing and product differentiation.

Inherently, the product reflects cultural values of the target country, with attributes such as caffeine and local flavors that represent regional preferences.

The brand may potentially increase market share via acquisition of equity investment. Tactical Details Product Various product attributes will be localized to appeal to consumer tastes such as a diet/lighter version beer with caffeine. Offering smaller glass bottles, which align with European consumption volume trends, will differentiate product packaging. The beer base content will be standardized but with local flavors based on market research.

Also, based on potential research findings there is a possible product extension for an “all-natural” beer within the Austrian market.

Additionally, products will be available in mini kegs to support the younger market segment behavioral characteristics. Advertising Implementing TV, Radio, Direct mail, Print ads, and Internet will be necessary to keep up with competitive advertising within this region. Messaging will focus on initially creating awareness. Ultimately, message strategies will portray a global brand through localized messaging.

Internet advertising will be highly influential for the demographic market segment. Advertising will include viral ads, flash advertisements, and promotional incentives and incorporate sites such as MySpace and blogs (for the younger generation).

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Furthermore, sponsorship from popular celebrities or musicians for events and products will appeal to the target market. Personal Selling Face to face education via account executives with clubs/pubs will be imperitive to create awareness and motivate front-line distributors.

Additionally, face-to-face points of contact in grocery stores and super/hypermarkets will be important in order to impact this a vast portion of purchases. These tasks will be contracted out to a local sales force that understands the culture, industry and competitive environment. Routine follow-ups and frequent interactions will be emphasized in order to maintain strong distributor relationships. Sales Promotion Incentives will be offered to club owners, super markets and so forth that will be based on volume discounts.

A sales contest will also be commenced across the club/pub segment and the supermarket segment to increase purchases, emphasize product push through distribution channels and create awareness for caffeinated beer. Sub-brand specific websites will offer promotional incentives as well (BOGO, etc). Sleek, appealing point of purchase displays will be exhibited in supermarkets. Promotional partnerships with record a company, such as free iTunes downloads with purchase will be implemented to appeal to youthful market.

Distribution Distribution will primarily focus on clubs/pubs, closely following the Red Bull distribution model and its flourishing success within this region. Distribution will also be emphasized in super and hypermarkets. Price Policy Pricing will remain competitive, but not premium. Also, based on market research, pricing will reflect that of energy drinks. Product differentiation and promotional efforts will not focus on price, but instead aim to increase purchasing through incentives such as volume discounts. Research

A partnership with an experienced European market research agency (i. e. EURO, RSCG) will be imperative to monitoring quality perception and target market acceptance. Research will closely examine brand recognition development over time. Data mining from distributors to track trends will also be influential in understanding consumption behaviors. Research will also be needed in evaluating the possibility of launching a more mainstream bud beer. Finally, based upon success within Austria, further research into surrounding countries will be necessary.

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