Advertising Light Beer Essay

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Advertising Light Beer

Our group decided to focus on light beer that is targeted to mainly college students. Since our clients are college students, we wanted to relate to their preferences of mainly inexpensive beer. We agreed to focus on competitors such as Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Coors Light, who all target mainly college students. According to an online article “Social Media Overview of Coors light, Bud Light, and Dogfish Head Brewery” Coors Light beer is one of the most popular beer brands in North America. Coors Light’s target demographic appears to be college students. After researching Coors Light’s social media we have learned that they do not update their Twitter page on a regular basis. In fact, their first “tweet” on Twitter was back in October 2009 that wrote, “Coors light BC is now on Twitter! This is your home base for the most up to date Coors Light Information, check here for event info and more.” Also, the only official Coors Light Twitter account is named @CoorsLightBC, created from British Columbia and Canada.

The article explains that since the creation of the Coors Light account, the company has only achieved a few over four hundred followers, and only having forty nine tweets. When searching, Coors Light on Facebook, the Canadian website appears, which only has a little over one hundred “likes” and only posted one picture that did not have an explanation beneath it describing the picture. Coors Light makes it difficult for its company to build brand awareness and drive customer engagement, which social media is greatly used to do. Coors Light’s Facebook page is bare and not informative. Since Coors Light targets their beer towards mainly college students, which most college students have Facebook pages, we feel that this puts Coors Light at a disadvantage. Since they are not updating statuses on Facebook or interacting with Facebook friends, they are not building brand awareness or driving customer engagement through this medium.

Bud Light is the “number one selling beer” in the United States, according to an online article from Social Media Overview. Before researching, our group thought that Bud Light and Coors would be heavily involved with social media. However, we were surprised to see that the two large industries do not rely on social media. Bud Light does not have a Twitter account, however Budweiser does. Although Bud Light does not rely on Twitter to promote its beer, Bud Light is active on Facebook. Our group likes the updated format and timeline that Bud Light’s Facebook page has to offer.

The pictures are appealing and they have over thousands of “likes.” The official website offers a place where you can watch the video ads for Bud Light, which was a good thing to include in the site. It also states at the top of the page that it is the official sponsor of the NFL. In addition, Bud Light Platinum has its own page, which it gives descriptions and other interesting information. For example, Bud Light’s well developed page offers Facebook friends chances to win contests along with other promotions. Our group enjoyed reading status updates on Bud Light’s page that tries to engage conversation with Facebook friends.

In addition to Bud Light using Facebook frequently, Miller Lite plays an active role using Facebook to communicate with customers. Miller Lite uses its Facebook page to advertise its products, celebrity endorsements, videos, along with contests also. Miller’s Facebook page is easily accessed through visiting Miller Lite’s home website page. When looking for Miller Lite on Twitter, Miller Lite MX and Miller Lite Panama are the first two to appear, which both are in mostly Spanish. However, both Miller Lite Twitter accounts have over one thousand followers, and tweet consistently on a daily basis. We found it confusing trying to find Miller Lite’s U.S.

Twitter page, since the other two accounts were in Spanish we did not find Twitter to be very useful to learn about Miller Lite. The Miller Lite website uses celebrity endorsements such as NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski and there is a button to follow Brad on Twitter. There is also a Miller Lite shop where you can purchase hats, t-shirts, etc online. We liked how they had a place on the website where you can find stores that sell Miller Lite near you and locate them. There was also a video blog with the Miller Lite commercials.

Our group has learned that many popular and profitable companies do not frequently update their Facebook or Twitter page. However, being involved with social media can benefit companies greatly by giving them the opportunities to build brand awareness and drive customer engagement

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