Advertising In Our Life Essay

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Advertising In Our Life

When I was browsing the internet, an advertisement caught my attention. It was a Nike skateboarding advertisement. The clip has a nice soundtrack, technical tricks, good pace and nice scenery. When you see that advertisement, it will help to change your mood for the day. The video focuses on the Nike shoes line known as SB dunk. Nike, by understanding its audience, has created an effective advertisement through the internet.

This advertisement runs for 2 minutes. It shows people from various nations skateboarding and everywhere wearing SB dunk. On the sidewalks in Los Angeles, the skateboarders use the grinding rails to slide with skateboards. In New York, they use benches to do tricks and slide. In Italy, the skaters play in the park near a beautiful river, and lastly the d shows skateboarders skating down the slopes in the San Francisco area. Most of the places contain graffiti art in their surroundings. This gives us the atmosphere of a street culture. The video also shows an event that took place in USA where there were lots of professional and famous skateboarders wearing SB dunk taking autographs. The end of the advertisement shows the Nike SB logo.

Back in its earliest days, Nikes product still carried the classic Nike logo without the SB at the right bottom. However, in 2005, Nike has started changing the logo by adding SB at the bottom of the logo, which stands for skateboarding. This could make the people distinguish its skateboarding line from another Nike product such as tennis, soccer and even basketball. In an advertisement, the model are wearing the Nike logo with SB on it. The Nike SB logo that appears in this clip is white on a black background. I think that this color is very unique and simple. Both of these colors are good for advertising. They are used to signify power and create a sense that the company is professionalThe video also uses language to appeal to consumers. There are three quotes that appear in the advertisement. The first quote is Master Technician. I think that this quote is trying to tell us that when you wear these shoes, you will master the techniques in skateboarding.

The second quote isSerious Commitment. For most people who purchase these shoes, they believe that wearing the shoes will get them to commit seriously to skateboarding. The last quote is, Limited Edition. Most of the people in that advertisement are wearing limited edition shoes. One of them is called the Heineken SB dunk shoes, which are very limited and the price is very high, starting from 500 dollars. The color provided and the pattern of the shoes is designed by artists in Holland. Until now there are only 65 types of shoes, but not all of them are limited. The other limited shoes that attract my eyes in the advertisement are the denim shoes. The denim shoes, more limited than Heineken shoes and the price are more than one thousand dollars. This great advertisement will attracts attention of the youngsters to buy the Nike SB product and it could be the envy on 6h3e streets among skaters. Skateboarders are individuals who desire to stand out among the people. Therefore, they probably love the fact that there arent many others who are wearing the same shoes.

This advertisement is targeting teenagers who are skaters. This idea is apparently trying to target male group and not the female. By showing various countries, and the autograph session by professional skaters, it is trying to depict that the shoes worn by famous skaters who are also celebrities around the world. If skaters see this advertisement, they will believe they could be like one of the professionals when they are wearing the shoes. They also show fabulous skateboarding trick. Skaters will assume that by wearing the Nike SB, they could perform like the professional in the advertisement. The shoes are worn by Tony Hawk, Mark Appleyard, Pj Ladd and other famous skaters.

Although most of the music in the advertisement features Rock and Hip Hop, which are associated with teenagers and skateboarding, Nike SB promotes its products in advertisement differently. Instead of Rock or Hip Hop music for the skateboarding advertisement, Nike uses a classical, soft and comfortable music for us to enjoy while watching the advertisement. In this commercial, the beautiful scenery in different countries shows that the shoes are appropriate and comfortable to wear in every location.

Nikes top of the line skateboarding product is mainly shoes. Nike launched this line in 2002 to enter rapidly growing skateboarding market. I think by making this advertisement, the company could increase more attraction for the people especially the skateboarders. Skateboarding still are a relatively small community, not enough to attract serious interests from major shoe makers while they were battling out in the precious basketball territory. I think that this advertisement gives Nike a chance to gain ground in the skateboarding market. To attract and establish itself as a major force in the market, Nike, has successfully made this advertisement for skaters.

Work CitedNike SB advertisement. The name of the website is sole redemption. Date posted was 4 February 2006 07:14p.m. Date I looked at the advertisement was 2 March 2006 (

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