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Advertising does not affect me or other people, so they should always be allowed Essay

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A husband comes home from work earlier than usual and finds his wife in bed. He finds it awkward so he thinks she is sick and then suddenly a phone with the same ring tone as his starts ringing. A naked man strangely comes out of the closet and answers his phone ignoring them and then goes back to the closet and of course the husband is shocked and frustrated with his wife. This is a funny TV commercial for Comviq company.

But as hilarious, stupid and entertaining as it seems, it stills sends a message to the viewers about the Scandinavian mobile phone operator Comviq showing why they invented the silent mode on your cell phone. I disagree with the statement in that adverts have large impact on affecting the viewers in both positive and negative ways, therefore I am going to discuss why it should be allowed sometimes to and to some extent restricted.

Ads are mainly known for promoting products, marketing goods and selling new products.

Some advertising techniques used to promote commercial goods and services can be used to inform, educate and motivate the public about non-commercial issues, such as political ideology, energy conservation and others. Take for example Guinness, it is one of the most successful beer brands in the world, being exported worldwide. It has a long history of marketing campaigns from award winning television commercials to beer mats and posters.

Some advertisements also promote “images” for companies for example most cigarette companies for example Marlboro Man has the message: “smoking cause lung cancer” written on its packet. Smirnoff a brand of Vodka also has advertisements informing viewers of the risk of drinking too much while driving. Both of these companies in a way are trying to show a positive side of them in showing that they care about the lives of their customers even though their products are more of a menace.

Educating and entertaining viewers are also the affairs of adverts. Some adverts that are used to sell products for example condoms are used to motivate people to buy them by informing about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. While some ads’ main purpose is just to educate the viewers, for example opposing of selling of drugs to youth and informing why it is dangerous to their health. To capture the viewers’ attention the ads must be entertaining. Entertaining in the sense that they are funny, thrilling or captivating. These ads helps viewers a lot for example in spicing up their lives, daily conversations and humorous ones provides them with lots of laughs. Therefore helps us to fight stress.

However there are times when ads should be banned for every good thing has a negative side of it. In the process of advertising some ads should be alert of who they are broadcasting to. They should be prudent to their gender, class, age and should also consider time, when the ads should be shot out. Personally I get irritated when I am watching the most fascinating part of the movie and commercial emerges on the screen or during meal times disgusting ads show up and you suddenly loose your appetite.

Like I mentioned earlier the class of the viewers should also be reflected on in that some ads makes some unhappy wanting what they don’t have. This is especially the poor because of course the upper class will be happy with new products or fashion that they can afford. Some people may also be disheartened or depressed by some ads for example ads featuring beautiful or handsome models make many people who feel they are not good looking enough or beautiful bodied discouraged and they end up turning to dangerous things like drugs especially the youth for comfort.

In spite of that some ads pollute our eyes and ears everywhere we go. They pollute our eyes in the sense that they show obscene pictures and videos in the course of advertising. People who have corrupted minds don’t really mind but some do especially parents who don’t want their children to be brought up in a “contaminated” manner. These ads don’t usually come a long way because some people are sued and therefore they end up getting banned from being broadcasted on t.v, internet, e.t.c. Commercials on radio may also end up getting banned especially when a lot of irritating vulgar language is used.

Some ads let us realize that the world is full of lies and teaches us to be careful. Many people do watch and read ads but most of them do not believe them maybe because of an awful past experience. There are some cases when ads have been sued because of manipulating the viewers for example The Dr. James slimming pills, an American product was banned, the company was fined and the buyers of the product were refunded.

Exaggeration is also another thing that is unpleasant to viewers because of the way it influences them especially small children who cannot judge lies and will only beg for things. They are simply brainwashed and end up disturbing their parents by crying and pleading for the things that they have just seen even whether they are manipulating or not. They might even try to do what their role models in the ads are doing which is very dangerous for example like dinking “red bull”, an energy drink which contains alcohol just to fly like superman.

I must conclude that ads have much more positive than negative influences. Ads make many people’s life easier in that it reduces stress, entertains. They also help people with various different business firms to sell their products, market goods and also promote their organizations. However there are some special cases when ads should be careful for example who, when and why they are targeting. I belief that in this world, we cannot do without advertisements. It plays a major role in communicating between many different groups e.g a retailer and a consumer. For that reason I would call to action that instead of banning ads we should improve them by excluding exaggeration or manipulation, and vulgar language or obscene videos featuring in ads and all would be well.

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