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Advertising campaign for MS Nkwethu - Clear Water

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1735 words)
Categories: Advertising, Business, Environment, Marketing, Nature, Pollution, Water, Water Pollution
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Fusion Media are honored and enjoyed discussing the opportunity to assist Ms. Nkwethu from the company Clear Water in developing an advertising and marketing campaign.

We are eager to start working on this project and are submitting a proposed action plan for your review. Our campaign will focus on better living conditions in South Africa, especially focusing on clean water and healthy living conditions.

Advertising Appeal

Straight-self: Usually chosen for everyday products that everyone needs and that do not require much convincing to be bought.

Demonstration: Products that are new or difficult to use are often advertised during affordable late-night or early-morning television slots where consumers can watch a model demonstrate how the product is used.

Testimonial: Home care products like detergents can benefit from hearing current users extol the virtues of the product from personal experience.

Scientific or technical: Many near -generic products like toothpaste (such as Sensodyne) are advertised by referring to the extensive research that went into developing them.

An authoritative expert in this case a dentist, but of course not a real one is then often used to recommend it.

Product feature appeals: Existing products are often sold by highlighting their key product benefits, particularly if those are unique.

Popularity appeals: Statistics and figures on widespread usage are often quoted to appeal to the fact that the product is broadly popular.


The most suitable appeal, in my opinion, would be the Demonstration appeal, because the advertisement would be broadcast during affordable late-night or early-morning television slots where consumers can watch a model demonstrate how the product is used.

This can be incorporated with the Testimonial appeal, where Ms. Nkwethu can talk about the terrible living conditions that she had to witness as a result of contaminated water while she was a social worker.

Execution Style

Straightforward execution: This executional style corresponds to the straight-sell appeal. Basic facts and information are presented without falling back on any emotional ploys. This is often used for selling high-involvement products, such as smartphones.

Testimonials: A credible person with product experience gives a positive account of the

product. Some consumers relate better to layperson endorsers, while others would be more likely to emulate the buying behavior of celebrities. A problem with celebrity endorsers is that if they are involved in a scandal, they can damage the brand and are then promptly fired.

Demonstrations: Television, with its multimedia capability, is the medium best suited for active product demonstrations. In South Africa many household appliances, as well as a slew of Verimark and Glomail products, are demonstrated during off-peak television slots.

Slice of life execution: This style relies on the problem/solution approach. Someone in a social situation encounters a problem – like greasy pots and pans and someone else provides the solution in the form of a product suggestion. This is an easy formula that should be kept simple. The commercial should concentrate on one key benefit and follow that to the happy conclusion. The slide of life approach adds feelings and recognition to the basic provision of facts and allows the audience to identify with the situation.

Dramatizations: These are more complex and theatrical versions of the simple slide of life execution.

Fantasy: This is similar to the dramatization execution, but an imaginary fantasy situation is used.

Animation: Cartoon characters or puppets are increasingly used in commercials because of advances in CGI. This is the television equivalent of brand characters that have been used for more than a century in print advertising. An example is the Duracell bunny, which outlasts all rivals running on other batteries.


Since the Clear Water water purifier is something any household can use, like products from Verimark and Glomail, I would suggest the Demonstration execution style. An active demonstration can be played so that anyone can understand how important this product is to any household, and how it can increase healthy living conditions.

Again, like with the advertising appeal, I would incorporate it with Testimonial execution style, where an important member of the community can test the water purifier and give his / her testimony of how it is an advantage to any home.

In-store copies

Directional signage copy

The directional signs will allow for easy navigation through a store and assist customer to find what they are looking for. Customers will return because of the convenience and ease of the experience. This type of signage guides the customer through the store journey by using lighting, text, displays, interactions and engagements in an attempt to discover what the store has to offer.

For effective application, this signage will be concise, easy to read, consistent, and have a clear font type so that customers can understand it at a brief glance. Large, bold fonts in highly visible colours can best achieve this result.

Hanging signs copy

Hanging signs similar to the picture is a non-cluttering approach and allows the store to creatively share messages with customers. The aim of hanging signs is to deliver call-to-action messages, and they can also serve as directional signage. These signs direct customers’ attention to promotional ad sale offerings. Hanging signs can guide the shopper to merchandise that the store wants to feature.

Hanging creative images, objects and craft items in different sizes and colours will also stimulate the shopping experience. It can enhance the acc essibility of merchandise and products by showing where they are located in the store, which makes for easier navigation and greater convenience.

The sign will feature:

  • Large fonts
  • Appealing colour
  • Appropriate images
  • Minimal text
  • A clean and uncluttered experience
  • A clear and simple message

On-shelf copy

As a result of the large amount of products available on shelves, it can be quite difficult for shoppers to make a selection. This is where simplification is crucial, since shelf-ready packaging eliminate s complexity in all operational aspects of in-store advertising. At least 75% of purchasing decisions are made at the store shelf. For this reason, retailers need to create effective promotional and sales offers at the shelf.

Additionally, displaying products with clear signage, and visuals will attract customers and allow retailers to maximize value. On-shelf copy offers retailers an opportunity to connect with their customers because it reinforces point -of -sale messages and creates immediacy and urgency, stimulating impulse purchases.

Shelf copy assists in guiding and influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. It provides consistency and reinforces brand perceptions.

Effective Social Media copy

To write an effective social copy, the following tips are suggested for this campaign:

  1. The nature of the copy needs to be aligned with the branding that the client has in mind. Effective social media copy requires proper content curation i.e. finding and putting together content from various sources so that the content is relevant and interesting to the target audience.
  2. Copy should be written in the present tense and in the active voice. In other words, your writing should resemble a direct way of talking to readers. However this does not mean that you need to be assertive in your approach.
  3. The message you send out to your target audience should be clear. Readers need to know how the content is relevant to them.
  4. Copy needs to be proofread before it is posted online spelling and grammatical errors need to be checked and corrected before the post is seen by online readers. It is equally important to pay special attention to different dialects i.e. if the copy is for a country other than your own, make sure that the words used are appropriate and relevant to the target audience in that country.

Different categories of product entries in a catalogue

Product demand:

  • Prioritise merchandise and products based on the sales they generate.
  • Products that generate the most sales will be featured first, and will also receive more focus through full-page displays.
  • Slow-selling merchandise will move further back in the catalogue and be given less display space.
  • Dead items should be dropped completely, or merely listed.


  • The catalogue is segmented into areas of usage.
  • Themes are created and products are listed accordingly.


  • The catalogue is structured according to the function that the product performs.
  • However, many products can have similar functions, which could cause confusion.

Type of equipment:

  • Retailers that have multiple product lines can present each category, and then list the products and merchandise.
  • Themes or product groups can also be created to simplify indexing.

System hierarchy:

  • This refers to the order and flow in which each component is used, to ensure that the final product is assembled or created.
  • This is a unit of subunit approach that works best for manufacturers who sell both complete systems and components.


  • Price ranking is presented.
  • Products should be grouped into themes, and the highest or lowest-priced item should be listed first.
  • This approach works for retailers who mainly sell services, but can also be applied to products and merchandise.


  • Products that are scarce should be listed first.
  • These items can even be listed on the cover to attract customers.
  • Customers could be returning to the store, knowing that it offers stock that other retailers may not have.


  • This approach is used by retailers that offer a range of products categorized by size.
  • Each size specification should identify the cost and quantity available.

Model number:

  • Identifying products using model numbers can be challenging, but certain products may require this approach.
  • This requires additional information so that the customers can verify that they are ordering the correct product.
  • Criteria such as description, colour, make and visuals should supplement the model numbers.

Alphabetical order:

  • This system can be applied in items in a specific product range, where name specification is crucial.
  • Placing items alphabetically, especially pharmaceutical ones, makes them easier to identify.


  • I would choose this options since the Clear Water device is still a new product and products that are scarce should be listed first.
  • These items can even be listed on the cover to attract customers.
  • Customers could be returning to the store, knowing that it offers stock that other retailers may not have.


Only 1% of groundwater is available for human use, and if that water is contaminated and making us sick, it is not very useful to us. For that reason we should promote the Clear Water purifier to all communities and homes so that everyone can have clean water to drink in every household. It will also prevent diseases caused by polluted water.

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