Advertising Campaign Case Study New BMW Series Essay

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Advertising Campaign Case Study New BMW Series

1.0 Description of campaign-“DESIGNED FOR DRIVING PLEASURE” BMW is the German manufacturer Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (as known as Bavarian Motor Works) which is one amongst the luxurious and advanced brand in motor vehicle industry, such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Its product is not only automotive vehicle, also refer to motorcycle and Formula One. However, BMW automotive is more well known than others.

“Designed for driving pleasure”is BMW launched a new international campaign focused on design in Germany. The integrated global campaign highlights the dynamism of BMW design and features a TV commercial that portrays the BMW concept 4 Series Coupe in a highly dynamic way, using a surprising visual effect that is revealed at the end of the spot. Design and dynamics are also the focus of the print campaign. Ropes are used in the image to create the motion blur effect normally seen in real driving shots.

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Unlike previous global campaigns of BMW, this new Designed for Driving Pleasure features the all new 4 Series Concept, instead of a production models. The advertisement campaign also features a download app called AD Essence specially for IPad and Android phones. The design and presentation of this new app is thanks to Architectural Digest magazine along with BMW Group Design while the campaign will be aired on company web-side “www.” from today.

This is a global campaign which will have a worldwide reach in the first quarter of 2013 drawing special attention to BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe. At the same time, the campaign brings to the fore all what BMW stands for, be it dynamics of design, sheer driving pleasure, enhanced performance, and vehicles with a marked degree of sportiness and elegance. The print campaign showcased the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe and the new BMW Z4 which is expected to be launched across Germany from March 16,2013. (Sagar Patel, 2013)

2.0 Market group-“Up-market” The main market group to whom the advertisement campaign from BMW-“Designed for driving pleasure” could be identified by demographic assessing variable aspects from consumers’ age, gender or income. Demographic analysis is used in two ways-as market segment descriptors and in trend analysis. To create descriptors of market segments, marketers match demographic and psychographic profiles of a segment with its consumer behavior. The demographic variables that correlate sufficiently with specific consumer behavior are then used to describe that segment. In this sense, demographics are used as a proxy for how consumers will behave, based on characteristics such as age, income level and ethnicity.

When marketers do not have primary research, demographics information can be used to guide new development, product repositioning, brand extension, distribution strategies or media and creative appeals in communications programs. (Blackwell, 2000) The 4 Series advertisement from BMW is not only found to concentrate on a particular psychographic market, and it’s about promote a new car that stands for dynamic performance, sportiness and elegance. The target of BMW 4 Series is not only for achievers but also for strivers and other else who have ability to buy it. So, rather than psychographic, the BMW 4 Series campaign can be said to rely more on social-demographics. According to the demographics segmentation theory, the up-market, often referred to as “super-affluent”, represents the top quintile (20 percent) of consumers in terms of income.

These holds often consist of two income-earners who place high value on time, because time is scarcer than money for them. They usually value extra services-such as offers of semi-prepared food, organic food at higher prices in some supermarkets or the shopping nights offered by David Jones or similar stores for exclusive attendance of their store cardholders that some retailers provide to capture new customers. (Blackwell, 2000)

In the demographics theory up-market is the customers who prefer a good quality product or service even though it would spend more money such as BWM. BWM is one amongst the leading brands in vehicle industry as we known. And Compare to other car companies like Toyota, Holden, BMW is not cheaper than them, but it would has a better quality or service and the customers also have a different sense. For 4 series: Acceleration, breaking, taking fast corners-pure driving pleasure. BMW products promise sheer diving pleasure that clear lines and distinctively sculpted surfaces express this dynamism and motion even when the car is standing still. What is said above, the product which BMW campaign promoted, it is almost focus on the target of up-market.

3.0 Problem recognition When considering making a consumer decision, problem/need recognition is the first step. It is easy and helpful for marketers to identify the reasons for customers to buy their products, as the analysis of the problem recognition and buyer behaviors. The campaign of BMW is to make a ‘4 Series Coupe has its own character within the BMW family and combines all that BMW stands for: dynamic performance, sportiness and elegance.’(Horatiu Boeriu, 2013) Obviously, the problems that the advertisement seeks to address are providing a product which is practical and also elegant.

BMW is a band which meets the needs of high quality car and showing the status of customers. When people driving a BMW across the road, the strangers on the road side may attractive by the design of the car, as BMW emphasizes making a good fist impression (John Brink, 2013). On the other hand, it is important for drivers to think about is the performance of the car (John Brink, 2013). BMW offers comfortable conditions of driving experience as well as passengers feeling. Customers may require a ‘smooth, balance, and capable’ journey when driving a car, regardless of straight motorways or narrow, and winding country lanes (John Brink, 2013). In addition, safety of the car is also an important element for consumers to consider.

There is no end for BMW to quest the next innovation about safety (BMW, 2013). When having a fascinating appearance, safety can be a difficult and important part for BMW to do research and development. In general, the nature of the decision made by BMW of this 4 Series Coupe is to meet the needs of both attractive surface and car performance and safety. However, the potential risk of the 4 Series Coupe is that it is a high class of consumption. According to the research, the New BMW 4 series will sale at the end of 2013, which costs an expected price of £28,000 (Luke madden, 2013). It is more expensive than 3 Series, and competitively with A5. That is to say, BMW 4 Series Coupe is a premium luxury item which is priced higher than any other car of its competitors. As a result, this risk leads to lose some of the customers who cannot afford it.

4.0 Theory and application BMW aims for a simple design and classic that attracts from every angle and that will age well. The core values of BMW brand is providing quality, technology, performance and exclusivity. For BMW, performance is the most concerned rather than speed (BMW Blog). Nowadays, BMW is launching an international campaign – Design for driving pleasure to introduce the concept 4 Series Coupé. “The BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé has its own character within the BMW family and combines all that BMW stands for: sportiness, dynamic performance and elegance”, said by Karim Hbib, head of BMW Design (BMW blog). Like Mercedes-Benz, BMW stands for luxury and successful.

Consumer motivation refers to the drive to satisfy both psychological and physiological needs through product consumption and purchase (Blackwell, D’Souze, Taghian, Miniard, Engel. 2007). Physiological needs are the most basic needs, including more than food and drink. Sometimes people may not feel hungry but they still want to eat something, this physiological need of consumption is the need for pleasure. For BMW crazy fans and collectors, the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé is newly introduced into market place. Those who have financial abilities may have the eager to purchase the fresh ground car even though they don’t lack of car. Furthermore, the 4 Series Coupé is more focus on sportiness, this factor may attract more successful businessmen’s attention.

They could drive 5 or 7 series BMW during business time, while they could drive 4 Series Coupé during leisure time. As we could see, the 4 Series Coupé has streamlined design, which adds more fashion elements to 4 Series Coupé, this factors may attract more young people and females, especially in fashion industry. Most people want to give a good impression to public and be perceived as complying with various social norms in order to gain social esteem and approval (Olof, 2006). We all want our family to be proud: some even want to be seen and recognized as successful and rich; others want to be viewed as attractive. This is called social image needs – the need to project a certain image of ourselves to our social environment (Blackwell…et. al. 2007).

BMW represents successful. The new 4 Series Coupé reflects not only young and fashion factors but also successful. According to Ozaki and Sevastyanova’s report, the relationship between the possibilities produced by technological innovations and actual sustainable outcomes is heavily mediated by consumers’attitudes towards those innovations. The 4 Series Coupé brings the fashion, sportiness and luxury image of BMW to public, which drives new market consumption. Customer engagement refers to the engagement of customers with one another, with a company or a brand (Vaughn. 2012). BMW has already creates its company and brand loyalty during the past years. The new 4 Series Coupé once is launched, BMW customers who are engaged with BMW would pay attention.

5.0 Strategy assessment and conclusion BMW is involved a high-involved buyer behavior, as it has a complex thinking and research process during buying a car. It is not like purchasing milk, customers have to compare and do more research about the products. This campaign uses marketing communication to increase the product awareness, including print, TV, social media and out of home advertising (Sagar Patel, 2013). The advertising is trying to use the vehicle’s design with the special visual effect as the product feature (Sagar Patel, 2013). Compare to the global campaign of BMW before, instead of presenting statistics of the models and the functions, this campaign use an image and an app called AD Essene, as the design of the product is the most important purchase reason (Horatiu Boeriu, 2013).

The purpose of these promotions is to attract the target market customers and making them interested in this product. On the other hand, the dynamic moving car on the TV advertising which looks elegant and balance also make people feel the 4 Series Coupe is a good choice. Obviously, the 4 Series Coupe is target customers who are achievers, as it is a high class of consumption. The ads can be found not only on the TV, Internet, Magazines, but also on the out of the door globally, in other words, people can easily find the ads all over the world. As a result, the products can look attractive to everyone, especially for the high class people who are affordable to buy this product. In addition, this advertisement may target people who are fashionable, as the new design of the fascinating appearance.

To fit within the whole campaign, the advertisement should make motivation for customers to buy this car. Currently, it is popular for a family to own a car, especially for the rich family, they can have more than one can in their home. That is to say, people who can afford BMW may consider about purchase more cars for their family. The advertisement can be posted and exposure frequently on the CBD office Building, the famous commercial magazines, as well as commercial and financial websites, so that potential customers can get the product information easily and simply.

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