Advertising and Leo Burnett Essay

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Advertising and Leo Burnett


First of all, an advertising agency is uniquely and meaningfully from the client, provides an outside point of view to the effort of sell clients ‘ products or services. Besides that, an agency also can deal with overall marketing and branding strategies and promotional activities for its clients, for the example of Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett is Malaysia’s leading international advertising agencies through about 95 offices in almost 85 countries, is owned by advertising conglomerate Publicis (, 2013). It also helped create some of the top consumer brands such as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal and Tony the Tiger icon.

The clients of Leo Burnett are Maybank, Petronas, Hotlink, Maxis, Taylors’ college, Marlboro and so on. They are all about that special connection between brands and consumer. Their mission is the “best in the world, without exception, in brand buyers turning into brand believers,” and will not be using its proprietary brand of belief systems. According to Stephen Gatfield, their vision reflects his personal brand-building expertise and constant enhancements will ensure that its customers get a higher return on the deal in advertising. Based on the research, Leo Burnett won the Overall Agency of the Year 2012 at the Advertising and Marketing Awards Malaysia. 2.0Description of job titles and functions

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The top of agency is usually led by a CEO, 2 junior presidents, and some different functional area such as executive creative director, managing director, chief operating officer, and chief executive officer.

2.1Executive Creative Director

Leo Burnett has some of the most important key accounts in the world, for the example Yasmin Ahmad. She was a talent film director, writer and scriptwriter from and was also the executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. She worked at the company for 51 years, since 1958 to 2009. She brought some of the national oil company and the most remarkable advertisements for Petronas by Leo Burnett. It has won multiple awards within Malaysia and internationally so today put them as one of the top institutions in Malaysia. In the mean time, we know that her television commercials and films are well known in Malaysia because of their comedy, kindness and love.

Recently, Eric Cruz is joining Leo Burnett in Malaysia as Executive Creative Director. Therefore, his work focuses on the connection between art and design, moving images and exploring new things in media hybrids. According to Tan Kien Eng, Leo Burnett’s CEO, he says that Eric’s unique bring together of experience having worked with some of the world’s leading agencies across some of the most creatively-vibrant markets sets him apart. He has provided a strong global work and is deeply impressive performance in Asian cultures.

2.2Managing Director

Robert Kay has joined Leo Burnett in Malaysia and he is new managing director. In the past years, he has worked for some of world Class Company and includes control marketing and product development for Australasia. In the mean time, based on the research, I found that he not only as account leader for Saatchi & Saatchi also as leader of one of Asia’s most awarded marketing-services companies. Besides that, Robert Kay is a very well-known person in the company because of his passion for creativity. The most important thing is the brand has allowed him to connect with some of the popular brand in beverage industry such as Coca-Cola and Carlsberg Tetley, technology such as Hp and car industry such as Mercedes-Benz & Fiat. Thus, his work mostly focuses on providing leadership on strategic problem and looks for new business opportunity.

2.3Chief Operating Officer

Recently, the company has selected Michelle Ong as chief operating officer and also overseeing operations. In fact, his work are focus on reinventing workflow process while cooperation with colleagues in the company. Furthermore, she also needs to focus on key MNC brands such as McDonald’s, Dutch Lady Malaysia, and Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Based on the research, she has over 15 years of strong communications experience and builds a different range of brands, have work with Ogilvy & Mather and McCann World group in the past years.

2.4Chief Executive Officer

Leo Burnett’s chief executive officer is Tan Kien Eng. He has grown the resourceful reputation of his work with more than 20 years of industry experience. In the mean time, he also creates a team to build Arc Worldwide Malaysia as the number one direct agency for three years in Malaysia. According to Tan Kien Eng, he believes that a company with growth must come with freedom.

He starts from the growth of our people and our customers ‘ business growth in order to develop the Leo Burnett brand. In Leo Burnett, he has also strengthened account servicing and creative sides. In the mean time, He also helped OgilvyOne to establish the creative reputation successful in Asia Pacific and made OgilvyOne number one in Malaysia. In the past years of advertising world, we play a role in the planning, and today because we have introduced strategic planning capability of the client has started to become more dependent on the strategic account Director. Therefore, he is focus on the next phase of growth for Leo Burnett Group Malaysia now.

3.0Conclusion As a conclusion, according to Leo Burnett, it mentioned that a good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with needs and belief. In my opinion, I think that using an advertising agency can save time for a business because not needs to spend more time develop an advertising campaign. In the mean time, an advertising agency also can help us save a lot of money as agencies can get more discounts by radio or TV stations so they can get cheaper price than people in direct contact. Furthermore, advertising agencies also can help us to develop a brand in the market. It also can help us research and provide us to target the most effective market.

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