Advertising and Big Beer Ad Essay

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Advertising and Big Beer Ad

1. What factors influence the perceived credibility of an informal information source? List and discuss factors that determine the credibility of formal communication sources of product information. The perceived honesty and objectivity of the source of communication has an enormous influence on how the communication is accepted by the receiver. The major factors are perceived intention of source, correct use of celebrity endorsements and the appropriateness of the spokesperson with the content of the message.

2. What are the implications of the sleeper effect for the selection of spokespeople and the scheduling of advertising messages? The sleeper effect is the tendency for persuasive communication to lose the impact of source credibility over time. In terms of choice for a spokesperson, it is a good idea to select a controversial and famous person that will stick in the consumers mind e.g. celebrity endorsements. The ads should be scheduled first in the commercial block because people tend to remember them the most in comparison to the commercials played in the middle and end of the show.

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4. Virgin Airlines uses both magazines and Internet to promote its discount airline business. How would you measure the advertising effectiveness of the two media for promoting the service? Which is likely to be more effective? Broadband Internet services offer fast access to growing group of consumers i.e. special interest groups. However, the growth of unsolicited emailing, email viruses and worms have limited the effectiveness of this medium. There is a growing trend towards media fragmentation as they have shifted their focus from general interest audience to smaller more specialized groups. According to a Roy Morgan survey in 2006, there were 140 magazine titles read by the population of ages 14 and over.

5. Which media do you think are suitable for advertising to the 18-24 age group as opposed to the 55+ age group? Justify your answer with examples and /or secondary data. The most appropriate media type for the age group of 18-24 would be the Internet, as they are one of the largest users. This type of marketing is called viral as it allows the message to spread like a virus. Some examples of this are the Carlton Draught ‘it’s a big beer’ ad, which premiered on the Internet and now has had over 3 million views. Social networking activities driven by sites such a YouTube and Facebook have also had an important impact of the effectiveness of viral marketing, for example the Carlton ‘it’s a big beer’ ad can be viewed on YouTube. On the other hand, according to Nielsen Media Research it would appear that popular FM radio stations and ABC radio stations appeal to two very different audiences, with 33% of over 55 listening to 3AW Melbourne and closely behind are the ABC stations for that age groups.

6. You are the marketing manager for a headache remedy. Your advertising agency has just presented you with two different promotional strategies, one using a humorous approach and one taking an “agony” approach. Which approach would you adopt? Why? As a pharmaceutical company we would choose the “agony” approach as these commercials are run with great success because they appeal to a certain segment that suffers from aliments that are not visible, which therefore elicit little sympathy from family and friends. Complaints are legitimized by commercials, which they immediately identify with.

7. You are a promotions manager working for the Australian or your home government. Devise an advertising campaign to discourage smoking by young women referring to the communication model shown in Figure 7.1.p.260. Compare your plan with current campaigns used by the Australian government, state governments or local governments. How is your campaign superior? Justify your answer with reference to consumer behavior.

We would use an emotional advertising campaign, with a combination of fear and abrasive advertising to discourage women from smoking. Fear is an effective advertising appeal, as it provides a compelling set of reasons for immediate actions to prevent the fatal consequences of smoking. In using abrasive advertising we would use a controversial campaign as this will help improve awareness of the negative consequences of smoking, It would also link us to important social issues regardless of the fact that the images may be confronting to some people.

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