Advertising Analysis Essay

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Advertising Analysis

Rolex advertise their watches through social media, internet, radio and television. Firstly, Rolex has many quotes to advertise their watches. For example, ‘If you were speaking here tomorrow, you should wear a Rolex’ and ‘Rolex live for greatness’ and ‘the value of time’. Besides that, Rolex also advertise their product by finding worldwide champion of tennis superstar Federer Roger and Ana Ivanovic. Tennis superstar Ana Ivanovic as the gorgeous face of the new Rolex ladies watches advertisement.

The next time you watch a video on YouTube you might find yourself viewing a Rolex advertisement before the content you meant to see. Advertisement on YouTube are nothing new but Rolex’s participation as a client of YouTube is less than to be expected from the mega-luxury brand. Rolex is often pegged as one of the most valuable luxury brand names in the world. While Rolex does have a very large advertising budget, they are notoriously picky about where they choose to advertise. Many have claimed them to be quite fanatical about the placement of their advertisement.

Working with YouTube is (relatively speaking) a big deal because it removes Rolex’s ability to control specific advertisement placement – a need luxury advertisers typically covet. It does however allow for Rolex to reach a huge pool of viewers among a range of demographics and signals a major shift in the way conservative advertisers view the way they can reach customers on the internet.

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Furthermore, Rolex had their own and magazine for advertising to let their consumer know more updates about their latest watches collection. Magazine advertisement library by model like datejust, day-date, Daytona, GMT Master, SEA-DWELLER and others. Magazine advertisement by topic like Racing, tennis, golf, concorde, fashion and many more. In addition, Rolex also provide their own video library for customer to view it such as Rolex Ladies Achievement, Rolex Sport and Culture and etc.

That are few messages and symbol that comes into the consumers mind when they think of Rolex. One of it is it have a luxurious design. As an example, Rolex is made of mechanism, parachrom hairspring, ceramic bezel and 904L steel and it is also design with white gold, steel and diamond set in it. Since Rolex is Swiss made, the value of the watch will increase year by year and this will make the watch very valuable.

There are few messages and symbol that comes into the consumers mind. Rolex have multiple design of watches. Each of the watches have its own specialty. One of it is the Rolex Submariner. It can be water deeper than 300 meters. With rotating outer ring to facilitate the calculation of time. The next design is Rolex GMT Master. It not only to display two time zones simultaneously the time clock can be independently moved to another time zone, without moving the minute hand and second hand. This is the reason why consumers want to obtain the product by viewing these advertisement from Rolex.

Besides that, the messages that comes into consumers minds is Rolex can also bring a fashionable image to the consumer through advertisement. As an example, a poster with a person wearing casual outfit but wearing a Rolex watches, this shows that by just wearing a Rolex watch, it already can make the consumer feel fashionable.

Lastly, the messages and symbols that comes into consumers minds is Rolex logo. The Rolex logo is designed like a crown. The logo of Rolex began with a gold/white crown to illustrate “exquisite” or”excellence” and the green colour of the words. Rolex was to represent money, prosperity and achievement. Along with the crown image and bold green letters, the use of a modified Garamond typeface has made it one of the most famous logos of all time. There are rumors abound about the Rolex logo two of which are not found anywhere on the Rolex website – that the crown logo represented “five fingers” or the crown was meant to portray five branches topped in pearls. Whenever consumers sees a crown, it will automatically let consumers think of Rolex, that makes it easy for consumer to remember it.

The theory concept of Rolex are Trait theory. Trait theory is primarily quantitative or empirical as compare to Freudian and Neo-Freudian that are qualitative. Rolex focus on measurement of personality in terms of traits. Consumer that purchasing a Rolex watches feel that they are style of fashion and Rolex get a consumer satisfaction worldwide. Rolex is different from other brand of watches because it have many feature and advantages. So Rolex is suitable using trait theory concept. Trait is any distinguishing, relatively enduring way in which one individual differs from other.

The project image of Rolex are public praise, customer praises and public interest in general about the Rolex watches. Rolex get a consumer satisfaction worldwide within 8.78 below average score out of 10.00. Since Rolex offers an impressive and luxurious range of watches, many wealthy consumer had a good image of purchasing Rolex watches as collection and wear it.

Lastly, Rolex in consumer mind space are considered as swiss made watches, luxury product, fashion and it can last long. Consumer can use Rolex as long as using other brand watches and it is made of waterproof materials, which saves it from rain or water if by any watch it falls to it. Besides that, Rolex is swiss made watches so that every year the price will increase so that some wealthy consumer will purchase it for self wear and do watches collection.

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