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Advertising & Alcohol Products Essay

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People’s life are built and protected by both us and society. We make our life happiness by enjoy as much as possible qualified products and society which is represented by government ensured the life quality by regulation requesting the obligation from all people towards product’s usage. Nevertheless, in some cases, government has to control and put the enforcement on consumer even if people like to use that product. Alcohol can be seen as a very popular example. People feel excited when use it, but, what will happen if the alcohol consumption increases year by year.

As cited by Hall in his research this year, there was 25% increase in liver deaths which is caused by alcohol in last ten years. Not only alcohol beverages but alcohol advertising is interesting as well in attracting people. Therefore, alcohol advertising is now controlled strictly to prevent its bad impact. Government is allowed and able to do this for a better life to UK people.

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Binge-drinking can be listed as a trouble for middle-aged, middle-class and out-of-control youth in UK. It is worth noting that UK people are one of groups consuming alcohol most in Europe (British Medical Association, 2009). Since, UK government has to consider and find solution for this problem. It can be known that the effect of alcohol is similar to drug as well as tobacco although it depends on the quantities of usage. However, according to BMA board of science, it can be denied that not only drinker but also their relatives are affected by harmful consequences from alcohol such as contributory factor and violence at home. At first, advertising is same as other marketing tools with the aim to persuade people use product as much as possible. In the situation of alcohol, Advertisement increases consumer’s conceptions about alcohol which can promote them buy more. The journal of British Medical Association in 2009 cited the research conducted by Anderson and other researchers that “alcohol marketing and promotion relate to the likelihood that adolescents will begin to use alcohol and drink more if they are already using alcohol”.

Jernigan (2010) suggested that a mix of unmeasured activities relating to cultural, religious and regulatory context is used by alcohol companies. Advertising approach consumer, especially the Youth in many ways: marketing on Television, newspaper, sponsorship for sports, music, and cinema. The image of alcohol impresses people day by day encouraging them use it naturally. As a result, these activities impacts making decision of the youth in alcohol purchasing because culture, religion and regulation contribute strongly to the growth process of young people. Moreover, The high rate of alcohol beverages advertising’s appearance in public encourage people use it regularly for entertainment and daily usage which will result in bad effect on people life and society. This present can make people see wine, beer as a daily product.

The greater availability of alcohol advertising is the reason why people under 23 years old continue to raise their drinking behavior (Jernigan, 2010). The high alcohol consumption of much means their health will have problem as well as the ability of causing violence or crime can be increased in society. Therefore, alcohol advertising should be limited like tobacco so that people will realize that the former also has bad effects as the latter. Although alcohol is still a product and beverage companies have right to advertise, this is sensitive one so that government should control for a safety of people life. The limitation of alcohol advertising will help government protect people’s health and social security.

There will be no more crime which is relevant to alcohol. The health of people will be ensured. Let’s take Denmark as an example, this country only accepted broadcast advertising on low alcohol-content products and the rates of alcohol intoxication was reported highest rates at that time among European countries (International Center for Alcohol Policies) Wilby (2008) proposed that people are heavily impacted by advertising due to they are freely to accept information provided by other agents.

Therefore, governments should be allowed to control advertising and able to manage the advertising of alcohol beverages companies by using advertising regulation, sign agreement with alcohol beverage companies and advertising agency or control newspaper and broadcasting agencies. He also suggested that governments can put enforcement on the advertising of cars, alcohol, junk food and other potentially dangerous products as the same way they used to work towards tobacco advertising. For example, as established in Advertising Standard Authority, in UK, “alcohol marketing is required that ads not link alcohol with sex, social success, youth culture or juvenile behavior.” (Hall, 2012)

Enjoy the life as well as using entertaining product freely is demand of all most every people. On the other hand, alcohol beverage companies are also absolutely right when they want to provide as much as possible good alcoholic beverages for their consumer. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have a third party which is governments of countries in general and U. K government to put alcohol advertising under the control. They can set regulation and request that alcohol companies follow it strictly.

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