Advertisements That Make Women Look Bad Essay

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Advertisements That Make Women Look Bad

Some advertising companies do not see the problem with using women to sell their product and make money. “In advertising today, women are still dismembered—just parts of them presented to sell a product. Kilbourne says in the imposed American obsession with breasts, uplifted derrieres, etc., women forget things like the sensation they lose when they have plastic surgery on their breasts” (Kilbourne). Advertisements should make sure they do not portray women in a derogatory manner.

The roles of women have dramatically changed over the generations. Women have gone from housekeepers and wives to sex symbols. Placing women on advertisements in hardly any clothing draws attention to the product itself, but making women seen vulnerable. Dolce and Gabanna, for example, uses and ad where there is one female wearing a strappy, black dress and some high heels. Dolce and Gabanna has her lying on her back, while a shirtless man is on top of her, as if he were pinning her down. There are also three shirtless men in the scene who are standing around watching. Having an advertisement, such as this one, might work to sell a product because of the impression it places on the consumer. Male viewers would presume

that the only way to get a beautiful woman to be submissive is to wear products of Dolce and Gabanna. Advertisements like these make the woman in the ad provocative; therefore, viewers conceive their own opinion about women in general.

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There becomes a problem when teenagers and young adults see these women on ads dressing seductive and inviting. Women and young girls alike, start to believe they must dress in this manner because that is what the models are wearing. Women also see ads, such as the one Dolce and Gabanna have published, and they look at the women in the ad that dress tantalizing and getting handsome men, that the female viewers too, think they must dress appealing to capture a man’s attention. These advertisements are ultimately doing more damage and are corrupting our society.

Advertising companies need to produce ads that make everyone look at women as beautiful, smart, and self-sufficient human beings and not a body used just to sell a product. Doing this would help society see that women can be beautiful and classy without having to be a sex symbol. It would help women get a better idea of how to be a lady. Also, the viewers of the ads would understand women are not really inferior to men, and buying a certain product does not make a person admirable. Something should be done about these advertisements. It is only putting bad ideas and morals into the consumers heads about the way they should view women. Society should appreciate women.

All in all, bashing women in advertisements should be stopped and talked about by the advertising companies. Ads of this sort should not be posted all over the billboards, subways, Walters 3 televisions, and computers. Women-bashing is an ongoing problem, and it will continue to escalate if we do not open the eyes of the businesses selling the product and the viewers who agree that basing women is a sufficient way to sell a product. The ads are slowly getting out-of-control, and if we do not put our foot down now, nothing will ever be fixed, and advertising companies will continue to look for ways to make women seem less than average.

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