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Advertisements Are Good Or Bad?

Advertisement is a business communication that which plays a vital role in an every individual life. Television, newspapers, social media are the main sources by which people can get knowledge about the world’s happening and new products. This essay will elaborate both the merits and demerits of advertisements.

In modern era advertisements are the main source of information. These help consumers to choose the good quality products. It also helps them to compare their prices. It enhance the profit for consumers as well as sales man and investors.

Advertise which promote serious unhealthy things are becoming very rare in these days due to which these companies started producing healthier products. Most of companies provide the samples to public in store as a advertise of the products. For instance, In Canada there are one brand SEPHORA that is makeup brand in every store they provide free makeup samples for use in store. Moreover, brand name, symbols, logos are represent the massage and advertisement that is in different form like video, newspaper, and social media are the communication tools to show the products in market.

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Therefore, there are different type knowledge about advertisement that is need to provide public and three models are described to overcome the lack of awareness in public about products by Gilligan & Crowther (1983). Furthermore advertisement make easy for buyer. These advertisement are beneficial for multinational campiness as it helps them to achieve their goals due which their economic level rises up. Small companies should advertise their products more and more.

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That’s whys investors invest lots of money on advertisement to increase the productivity by (Mandan, Hossein & Furuzandeh, 2003).

For example: These days one Television show is very popular that is kapil Sharma comedy nights that is telecast on colors TV channel, celebrities film actor or actress they were gone to show promote their movies, shows, because this is popular comedy show, every one promote their work by advertising or interviews. In addition advertisements are depends on consumer behavior like using, evaluating or consuming products, service what is spending resource, services what, why, how when to buy this products Shiffman and Kanuk (2004).

On the other hand, sometime there advertisements are misguide the people. These advertise often leads unnecessary rise in price of the products .In also emphasises today’s youth to buy the expensive things which they are representing by advertisement. Advertisement should cheated on the masses as they give wrong information about their products to increase in sailing. It confuse the people to choose the right products . For instance: cigarette companies promote their brand name and cigarettes smoking then youth are use that products and increase the economy of the company . This may be lead wrong direction to youth.

Alcohol is also promote by the celebrities on channels. Brands influencing the knowledge of customer about products and they create situation and emotions response about the advertisement (Holden & Lutz, 1992) Advertisement has become an important phenomenon , but it should control the increase the cost of production. Both TV and advertisement are beneficial to increase the production and interest on the customer response and emotion behavior


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