Advertisement Analysis: Old Spice Vintage

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Advertisements are part and parcel of our daily lives. Whether they are aired on TV, radio or printed in magazines or newspaper, there is no room for us to escape them. All of them target a specific audience whom they direct those ads. When a company comes up with an ad, the intention is to market their merchandise or whichever thing they are displaying to sell. Some techniques are used to lure the targeted audience to purchase the product. Old Spice, an industry producing hygienic products for men, has come up with a line of body wash for men that have a very attractive and entertaining advertising promotion.

These commercials are not only designed to make their products are known in the market but to cover other lines of body wash for men. The Old Spice ad implies that by using their products, a man resembles the Old Spice man or the vital man. I have analyzed the Old Spice vintage ad with the help of pathos, logos as well as an ethos.

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The Old Spice ads attract men by meeting their women needs, providing the perfect image concerning how a gentleman should appear and how he should perfume and by creating a sensual subject that captures their responsiveness.

The target audience is college-level students both male and females in their mid-twenties. Old space attracts the attention of both male and female by drawing their interest to a handsome man with a good build body. The purpose is to lure the young generation into buying their products because they believe the young men will look nice thereby attracting beautiful ladies.

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In the present generation, an exceptionally smart and effective manner of selling a men’s product is to charm to ladies (Doe, 2010). According to the She- economy website, ladies account for eighty-five percent of all consumer purchases particularly those made due to a specific brand. Females have various opinions about ads that deal with products for men. If they like the ads, they will be more willing to purchase the products themselves or impact their male counterparts to purchase the good. In Old Spice’s vintage ad promotion, there are various actors and sports superstars that are very fitting and decent looking to climax their body wash.

The ads promote aspects of masculinity, sex charm, and the funny side (‘Graduateway’, 2018). One of the ad portrayed Mustafa, an ex-NFL coming out of a bath dressed only in a bath towel speaking in a deep vocal sound, ‘hello ladies’, and then proceeding to communicate openly to lady observers, informing them to otherwise look at the man and later the gentleman having a seat subsequent to ladies for the implicit judgment in which no typical man will arise out very sound. He later communicates to the audience that the man beside them is ‘unfortunately not me.’ The ad then goes on shifting scenes fast depicting Mustafa in passionate fantasy-like sceneries designed to charm to females- he is not wearing a shirt on a cruise boat at sundown, then handling tags with writings ‘that entity you adore.’ The tags then change into diamonds, lastly then the commercial finishes with Mustafa sitting without a shirt on a white horse on the tropical seashore. We realize that the ad is designed to charm women who want their men to smell nice in the entire world and also have a sense of wit concerning the ridiculousness of it.

The ad does not target only women, but also some men in the audience were targeted with a message. The advert presents a perfect view of how a man should be and how he should fragrance like. The use of a nice-looking man for the ad gives the product an appearance that is enticing to men. ‘The guy in Old Spice is perfect. Nil body fat, the mystical ability to express mannish ideal, and the distribution of a baritone deadpan that rapidly releases splendid in the domain’. No message is hidden in the advert. It virtually shouts out the notion that if you apply the product, you can appear, scent and be like the guy you view on the TV in the advert.

The advert uses an old available old strategy ‘sex sales’ to charm women tastes and the emotional needs of man to smell like the ultimate man. A sexually themed advertisement can attract both men and women because it targets the elementary biological instincts operating across all gender. This is advantageous in the perspective of marketing as it attracts more customers.

The vintage ad by Old Spice industry ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’; by appealing to females, making male to desire to appear and scent like a masculine man and using old-fashion sex charm, has designed a fruitful advertising promotion. Actors, producers, and authors are paid large sums of money to design adverts that can attract many people and make them remember their products. If they achieve this, the company is in a position to make huge profits. The Old Spice vintage ad promises women the presence of a nice looking, manly, yet romantic guy. For the man, he in some way becomes a brave man when he uses a particular soap product. This is only true on the television.

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