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I woke up at 11 am feeling refreshed. I hadn’t slept in since my family had started on our road trip to Canada. We were finally in Calgary and were leaving for home the next day-A good 22-hour drive. I got up quickly from my bed and jumped over my laptop charger. A disorienting head rush suddenly came upon me and I felt dizzy. I saw the stairs briefly and then it seemed like I was tumbling. When I could finally think again, I realized that my parents were in panic and I was surrounded by blood.

Turned out, I fell right into some glass and as I would later find out, it had cut an important tendon in my shin. I was rushed to the ER and got surgery to fix my tendon. I asked the doctor to take some pictures of my leg right before I was sedated. After the surgery, a huge temporary cast was put on my leg and I was given crutches with which I could hobble around. Now came the 22-hours in a car with my injured leg. Luckily they weren’t as bad as I had thought they would be. Finally I was home. My friends visited me and were aghast at the size of my cast and the pictures of my leg!

They thought I was just joking and wasn’t really injured. I had to spend 6 weeks in my cast. Six grueling weeks during which all I did was watch movies and tv shows on my laptop. My whole summer passed me by and I couldn’t do anything. My friends play basketball in the heat, thoroughly enjoying themselves while I watched them wistfully. Time went by slowly but finally I got my cast off only to find out that my tendon was too weak to walk on so I had to endure two weeks in a black boot. It was still summer and because my boot absorbed sunlight, my foot often smelled and had heat sores on it.

I almost preferred my cast to this hell. Eventually my boot came off too. I could finally walk! I was sent to six weeks of physiotherapy where I found out that I probably wouldn’t be running or jumping for another 6 months almost. Well, at least I didn’t have to run miles for PE. I have only three more months now and I am optimistic. Since I can’t run, I started working on my biceps and now I can show them off. Soon I will be running as fast as the wind and touching the sky with my perfect two legs. That day cannot come fast enough.

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