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Everyone face different adversity and everyone handles it differently. Adversity is a hard time, disaster, or a misfortunate happening. Jonathan faced his own adversity in the Bible. He handled it differently than probably most people would, but that shows the diversity of everyone in the world. We all handle grief and sorrow different, some in healthy and good ways. Others is unhealthy and bad ways for them self. Jonathan was different and his adversity showed all of us that. Jonathan did face adversity in his life.

King Saul, his father, becomes very jealous of David, but he vows to his son that he won’t kill David. Jonathan and David are best friends. King Saul keeps to his word until David defeats the Philistines. Saul’s jealousy of David comes back to him. He attempts to kill David but fails, because Michael helps David flee to somewhere safe. Jonathan and David meet again and promise peace between each other. King Saul finds out about that and becomes furious with Jonathan. Jonathan begged his father to let David live free, but King Saul threatens Jonathan’s life, because he was sticking up for David.

Saul tells Jonathan that he needs to kill David or else he will be forced to leave the kingdom. He then has to decide which is more important, his father’s selfish ways or being faithful to his friend? There are only two other key people in the story of Jonathan and his difficulties. One of the main people are David. Jonathan and David are best friends. After King Saul’s death he become King David over Israel. When he became King of Israel that marked the golden age for Israel. He extended Israel more north and was very blessed by God.

He had wisdom, was a strong military, a musician, a leader, and a king. Before all of this David became known for defeating the Philistine enemies. At the age of seventeen, David defeated Goliath. Goliath was a Philistine giant with a big mouth. David defeated Goliath with no armor and merely a slingshot and a pebble. David hit Goliath in the temple and the giant died. That was the start of the anger between King Saul and David. Jonathan was simply just in the middle. Samuel, a prophet, already anointed David as the next king after Saul, so Saul built David to be a musician and a strong soldier.

David succeeded these tasks and King Saul became very jealous of him. David refused to kill King Saul, but King Saul tried many times to Kill David. Saul was the first king of Israel and he also was anointed by Samuel. Saul and his army defeated the Philistines in their first battle. Then he defeated Moab, Ammon, Edom, the kings of Zobah, and the Amalekits. The sin Saul did commit though was not obeying the Lord. Saul kept some of the treasures from the defeated Amalekites. The Lord then rejected Saul as king and told Samuel to anoint David as the next king.

Saul then become possessed with evil spirits that made him try to kill David many times and throw a spear at his own son Jonathan. David and Saul were the only other two main people in Jonathan’s adversity. Jonathan responded to this situation of his very well. Once King Saul told Jonathan to go kill his friend David. Jonathan immediatly went to find David to warn him about his father. He told David to the forest and stay there until he gave him a sign with an arrow if it was safe or not. Jonathan then went home to beg King Saul to leave David alone.

He just wanted his friend to be able to live free and safe in Israel. King Saul told Jonathan absolutly no and that if Jonathan didn’t kill David then he would also have to leave Israel. Jonathan then sent one of his servants to shoot an arrow out to David and shout, “Look the arrows are beyond you! ” David then flee far away to where he was safe. Jonathan had to decide over his father’s anger or his friendship. Jonathan handled it better than most people probably would of handled it. I think Jonathan’s faith played a big role in his adversity.

Jonathan had to have faith in the Lord that he would keep David safe and that his adversity would go over okay. He had to believe that the Lord would guide David safely wherever he was going and he would keep his father under control. If his father got way to out of control it would put David in even more danger and put Jonathan in more danger while living with his father. He had to persevere through this all misfortunes. A modern day application could be one, but less harsh. My best friend Sarah’s mom could of not liked me. She has the power over her house hold, so she could not allow me over to her house anymore.

If Sarah did secretly see me and such, she would ground Sarah which would prevent me from her at all. Or even worst her mother could tell her if she didn’t stop talking to me she would kick her out of the house. After awhile of not seeing each other or talking, I would have to move on in my life and make a new best friend that’s mom does like me. Jonathan faced a very severe adversity between his father and his best friend, but this could happen in modern day life. Even if we do go through similiar adversities just not as bad, we could still emotionally feel the distress as much as David.

Jonathan did go through unique adversity. Most of our parents are kings or queens and our parents don’t usually try to kill our friends, but we all go hard times. Jonathan’s faith grew over this experience and that’s why God allows us to go through all these things. We learn from mistakes and we grow as a person. Jonathan had to make a big decision in his life and the Lord guided him through all these troubles. We learn and grow. The Lord works in maraculous ways, but we will never comprehend what he has in store for us.

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