Adventurous Days in Florida Essay Essay

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Adventurous Days in Florida Essay

There are three incredible reasons I would want to convince someone to go to the state of Florida. The warm, hard to believe weather, the fun beaches, and incredible, outstanding boardwalks are great reasons to go to Florida. These three things go hand in hand as well. You can spend all day at the beach, but if you have children you are sure to end up at the boardwalk, but with the nice weather Florida has, it is no problem. There are more than three reasons for me to convince you to go to warm state of Florida; however, these are three of the best.

The weather is always nice, and you never have to worry about snow storms. Sun block is advised if you burn easily, but it is nice weather for tanning. Family activities go on year round. Florida is a very active state due to their amazing weather. You can do just about anything in Florida as far as sports go, because the weather is so unusual. You wear whatever you want due to the fact it is never too cold and never too hot. All these things are terrific things about the weather in Florida.

Beaches have advantages and disadvantages, but if you read these great tips you will be just fine. The water can cool you off after a long day at work or even a day after the board walk; however, sun block is strongly advised. The best part about the beach is it is convenient for everyone, because the beach is there for swimming, tanning, fun, family activities, sports, exercise, and you can even take your dog on a nice walk out there. With the many people there though, you must make sure you keep a good eye on your children at all times. There are so many things at the beach that you can do and it is free, unlike water parks.

Lastly, the fun-filled boardwalk every child wants to adventure. There are so many rides, arcades, food areas, and shopping areas, and as you are doing these things you can sit back and eat while enjoying the nice sounds of the waves, or even get up and join the activity all around you. The boardwalk has many nice things to do, and the rides are there for almost everyone, of course you must be a certain height. The food and drinks are not expensive and nothing beats time with the family. Their boardwalk is like our Oklahoma State Fair times ten, considering all their rides, food stands, selling tents, and arcades. They have hotels right outside this area just for the convenience; therefore, you will spend many nights just gazing at the stars and listening to the soothing, relaxing waves. This is why the boardwalk is so adventurous and a must do deal there in Florida.

So, as you can see, Florida has so much fun, action packed stuff in just these three things that I have listed. These are not the only three things in the state of Florida worth going. You will have a great time here, and this is where I would suggest a vacation because of the nice relaxing feel it has there. Sure there are other places that have these same things but not the perfect weather all year round. With all this being said, this is why I would convince you to visit Florida.

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