Advantages of Supplying Aid to Poor Countries Essay

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Advantages of Supplying Aid to Poor Countries

The supply of aid brings some advantages to the poor countries. Aid is one way of responding directly to those who are in need. The people may be in need of various items like food, clothing and also medical services. The supply of the aid will provide them with what they require and will also assist them to survive in the rest of their life (Rachel, 2006). The provision of medical facilities will help in eradication of diseases like smallpox in the poor countries. Foreign aid will also enable the growth of country through economic development.

The reason as to why the poor countries need aid is to improve the investment climate and promote entrepreneurship as well as boosting trade. However, this is only possible if it is implemented with sound economic policies (Duc, 2006). Poor countries are given aid in terms of money and grants which will help them recover from certain social and economic that cause poverty. This in turn improves the living standards of the citizens as they are put in a better position to fully satisfy their needs. The aid also helps the poor countries to get out disasters such as Tsunami.

Aid is supplied to the poor countries in order to maintain power in those countries. This occurs mainly when the aid is given inform of military goods such as flight jackets, military ribbons, military medals and combat boots (Sorens, 2009). They provide the power base that suppresses opponent and helps to maintain the existing government in power. Furthermore, foreign aid helps each country to have good relationship with the donor countries (Zambia Virtual 2010). This is because they offer technical solutions to various social problems without even manipulating the community’s social structures References Duc, M. (2006).

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