Advantages of Group Decision-Making

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To start with, group choice making from experts in different locations is useful to fix complicate problems. For circumstances, in a little company, employer frequently makes tips by himself; the outcome of his behavior relies on the capability of the employer. So there are cases when he can’t make things right, which may be severe fault to the operation of a company. However, individuals with different backgrounds consider the issues more carefully and comprehensively, as an outcome, running the company will be in less danger.

Second of all, people making choices in groups aspire to bear more dangers separately. Decisions feature dangers.

People who make the wrong decision will take the duty. A contradiction rises when they try to avoid being incorrect and at the very same time, solve issues correctly. As a result, people will rather not attempt to make the last decision. However, group decision makers can share the dangers since each of them has responsibility for the suggestions to the issue.

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Additionally, individual dangers are decreased when some others rectify the idea for him or her. 2. Disadvantages of group decision-making

First of all, low effectiveness in decision-making, everybody has his own viewpoints and under particular circumstances such as brainstorming, it costs more time to decide what to do by group decision-making than by individual decision-making. If things go well, the results will come out quickly. But if each of them in a group can’t comprise in the end, nothing will be achieved. For example, there is news from CCTV about the 2012 DOHA Climate Change Conference, ”Nearly 200 countries haggling over how to stop climate change – and how to pay for it – failed to reach a deal on schedule Friday.

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That sets the stage for the wrangling to continue late into the night.”

Things like these are usually occurred when a large number of people attend. Finally, the conference extended until they arrive at an agreement. Secondly, group decision-making will lose effectiveness when people are not likely to put up with suggestions out of some reasons. In such cases, the leader of the group will be the only one who does decision-making, which has no diffidence with personal decision-making. All the members of the group should have equal opportunities and are willing to speak out. Then, group decision-making functions better in dealing with problems.

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