Advantages of Elite Education

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MBA Leadership &Organizational Behavior Assignment Topic: Advantages of Elite Education

After reading the essay on disadvantages of Elite Education, it got me thinking of the scenario pertaining to any educational system where there are any advantages to the new era elite education and from a personal point of view, I believe there are quite a few and solid reasons which would still enforce one’s believe to pursue the path of elite education To start off and one of the strong reasons to acquire education is that being a Muslim, it is our religious obligation to obtain education and Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) also encouraged the fact that “One should acquire Knowledge even if he has to go to China”, thus outlining the statement that one should go to any extent to gain quality education.

But why is it so important? The simple reason is that good quality education dictates how well the person is up to date regarding the changes in his surroundings.

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The beauty of elite education is that it quickly adapts and incorporates the latest trends of the world happenings and findings along with the explanation, reason and outcomes of these happenings. To better illustrate my point take for example the research being made in the field of medicine to cure life threatening diseases or coming up with new theoretical models in the field of Econometrics to better understand the changing economic trends. Elite educational Institutes providing elite education make it their responsibility not only to focus on this aspect but also have a system in place that equips and individual or at least provide him with the knowledge base necessary to understand and anticipate such changes as well.

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Secondly elite education teaches the value of information and how one can use this to his/her advantage.

Using information what are the possible positive changes and individual might be able to bring or in some cases surpass the expectations. Take for example the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship (Chalmers being the top university of Sweden and among the top 150 universities in the world) which provides its students who belong various professional and academic background information regarding the approach to value of information, consequently using that information to look for opportunities to contribute as evident by the fact that a number of their students are successful Entrepreneurs who have come up with ideas for Technology driven Business Venture and have been able to secure capital from various sources such as the University, Government and Private Companies as well.

Thirdly, in my opinion and having experienced it, the well to strive for elite education mostly brings out a positive change in the individuals. He is self-driven, focused, and extremely diligent and he values the opportunity coming in his direction rather taking them for granted. He would be more interested in trying to understand the real world application of the knowledge he acquired rather than just focusing on securing good grades. In conclusion, it is important that every individual should try to pursue quality or elite education as it is not only the right of every one, in fact it’s a privilege that everyone should enjoy no matter what ever his/her background.

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